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Re: [S-R] Slovak-Roots Group - Welcome and Reminders

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  • J.B. Bulharowski
    Bill et. al: Good info and reminders, thank you. Some stuff I had to deduce myself, and try to explain a lot to my husband, who has not jumped on the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2010
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      Bill et. al: Good info and reminders, thank you. Some stuff I had to deduce myself, and try to explain a lot to my husband, who has not jumped on the bandwagon. Contagious stuff.


      From: Bill Tarkulich <bill.tarkulich@...>
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tue, March 30, 2010 2:51:33 AM
      Subject: [S-R] Slovak-Roots Group - Welcome and Reminders

      Slovak-Roots Group - Welcome and Reminders

      Last Updated: 30 March 2010

      Rules of the Road

      We only have a couple rules on this forum, just a few to keep it focused and
      keep people engaged.

      1. Genealogy issues only

      2. Self-moderation

      By and large, the group moderates itself quite nicely based on the above two
      tenets. We expect our members to engage in civil discourse, share, guide
      and help each other. While some members know many things, everyone is
      encouraged to help each other. It helps to lighten the load on everyone,
      including moderators.


      Our group has over 1,000 members. When you send a message, it goes to
      everyone on the list. This group relies heavily on self-moderation.
      Consider yourself a moderator, pitch in and make a response.

      We get several new members every week. Often, newbies ask the same
      questions over and over. Please be patient and answer the question, even if
      you've seen it asked before.

      New members, don't be shy, please ask the "obvious" question. Chances are
      there are several other newbies who would like the same answer. Remember to
      check the list archives for previous discussions and contacts on a subject
      of interest. If you're still confused by the archives, just ask.

      Don't assume people know where to go to look for things. If you reference a
      site where you want people to look, call it out by name. One way to shorten
      long, ugly addresses is to use www.tinyurl. com. I've used this for years


      In spite of all this talk about self-moderation, we do have moderators.

      They include, Bill Tarkulich, Ron Amiak and Doctor Joe Q. Maura Petzolt was
      the founding moderator, but is no longer engaged with this forum.

      Moderators serve to approve new members, to step in when we go "off-topic",
      and to provide general forum maintenance. In general, moderators do not
      "lead" conversations.

      Slovak-Roots Web Site

      In addition to the email list to which you are subscribed, Yahoo Groups
      provides us with a "web site".

      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/SLOVAK- ROOTS/

      Check it out.

      The most important features include:

      1. Archives of over 26,000 emails, dating back to 1999

      2. Contacting other group members privately

      3. Sharing Files and Photos with the group

      Simply "subscribing" to our list does not give you access to these web
      features. You must create a Yahoo-ID, which is a Yahoo-specific ID and
      email address. You don't need to use the Yahoo email address (I don't - I
      just forward all my email to my private address). Fear not, I've had my
      Yahoo ID for ten years now and never have received a piece of spam from it.

      File attachments are not permitted with Slovak-Roots email messages.

      Sharing files is an essential part of genealogy research. We often want to
      share our research, which takes many document/file forms. Often, we have a
      photo, or a document scan that we see second opinions on.

      Since any file attached to an email sent to the Slovak-roots@ yahoogroups. com
      address will not be forwarded (only your original email message), there are
      many options. Here are a couple suggestions:

      a. Post it in the "Files" or "Photos" section of the Slovak Roots Web
      page http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/SLOVAK- ROOTS/ Make sure you create a
      "folder" with a very descriptive and unique name. Then, send an email
      message to the group, explaining where you posted the file, along with
      folder and file name, so we can find it.

      b. Send the file via a private e-mail to an individual.

      c. Use an online photo-sharing service (examples to be provided
      later), then post a message to the group with a link to the photo.

      Contacting other group members

      Occasionally our discussions become very specific, and of little interest to
      the group at large. Be aware of this and take steps on your own to channel
      the conversation to a private dialog.

      You can contact another group member directly by e-mail. There are two main
      ways of accomplishing this.

      a. Go to http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/SLOVAK- ROOTS/ and locate the
      member. Click "send message". This will allow you to send a message to the
      member via the Yahoo group email facility. You must have a Yahoo Id to use
      this feature.

      b. Locate the member's email address and use your own email system to
      correspond. The member's email address can be found in a couple of ways:

      a. From the Slovak-roots web page member list (see above).

      b. On each individual email you receive from Slovak-roots, on the "From

      SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. com; on behalf of; CurtB
      [bill6xxx@crazygenea logist.net]. Don't hit reply - that will send it to the
      whole group. The address is bill6xxx@crazygenea logist.net which you'll need
      to copy into your email system.


      This group is what each of you makes it. Participate. Get involved. Build
      on each other's knowledge and revelations. Genealogy research takes times.
      Resist the urge to "cherry pick" and disappear. Most successful members
      have been at this for several years. People come and people go. You never
      know when the missing link or golden nugget or the little clue will appear.

      Enjoy the group.

      Wishing you much success,

      The Slovak-Roots Moderators.


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