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Re: More on Neumans from Banka

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  • Andrea Vangor
    Thanks, Maura. I am all excited today because some of the microfilms arrived at the FHC and I am going over there this evening. But I do want to follow up on
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 24, 1999
      Thanks, Maura. I am all excited today because some of the microfilms
      arrived at the FHC and I am going over there this evening. But I do want to
      follow up on determining the arrival dates for my father's family, which I
      understand can also be done at the FHC --I will inquire about that tonight.

      I wonder if my relatives were buried out of your Polke Funeral home. It
      would make sense. To fill in more for you: My Dad's father was Andrew
      Vangor Sr., deceased. His parents were the immigrants. Janos (John) Vangor
      and his wife Barbara Fedorik (Borbala Fedor or Fedoryak). John Vangor had
      two sons, Andrew born in 1899 and John born in 1894. This son's birth
      certificate was re-issued in 1913 in Hungarian and the date was faked to
      make him five years younger. I have a copy of that interesting document.
      My theory is that they left Slovakia to keep their older son out of the
      Hungarian army on the eve of WWI. The family were fairly prosperous peasant
      farmers, and Janos had a brother Gyorgy who had seven children. SSDI showed
      several Vangors born in the 19th century who spent some time in Bridgeport.
      I think that my Dad was not told about the existence of other branches of
      the family, for some reason. He does remember being told that they were
      married into the Fabry, Chonko, and S~upala families, and seems to think
      that these people lived in the area.

      My Dad was an only child and his uncle John had three sons, Cornell, John
      (who came out to California and was the only one I knew) and Bill. All
      these cousins are deceased, but there children are still in the Fairfield
      area and have an electronics business. I have not contacted them yet to ask
      questions about the family history but plan to do so. My father is
      estranged from them because of problems with the cousins (but they are all
      dead -- so I will see what I can do with the survivors).

      Meanwhile, his mother Julia Klinka came to America some time between 1904
      when her younger sister Goldie was born, and 1918 when her half-sister
      Minnie Dubak was born. Rose Klinka nee Rachel came from Liptovska Porubka.
      Her husband Martin died in America, I assume, and she married Joseph Dubak.
      Her children by Martin included my grandmother Julia and great-aunt Goldie,
      Martin Klinka known as "Trickie" who became an alcoholic, and a boy named
      Rudolf. There is an interesting story about Rudolf, one that my Dad did not
      know. He was sent back to Slovakia because of an eye problem discovered at
      Ellis Island, presumably. He never immigrated, and his mother spent a lot
      of time in Slovakia until WWII. Rudolf had four sons, so I must have Klinka
      relatives over there. He was a freedom fighter during and after WWII.

      The Dubak children included Joseph, Minnie (my main informant until her
      death last year), and a couple of children who died young. Joseph's widow
      Ann is living and remembers some things. Her son Joe lives with her and I
      have asked him for help researching the family, especially the Dubak side.
      I have no information about their ancestral village, but do have his
      parent's names -- Paul Dubak and Alice Capko -- due to an erroneous entry on
      a death certificate. The form asked for the names of Rose Klinka Dubak's
      parents, and instead they wrote in her husband's parents' names. My
      great-aunt Minnie Dubak, who was unmarried, referred to "her" relatives in
      the area, so I think there must be Dubaks around somewhere although I did
      not find them with a People search. Perhaps they were females who married
      into another family.

      I hope this helps. It would be fun to find out that we connect up!


      > From: sabinov@...
      > Hi Andrea....
      > You can research those arrivals relatively easily using the guide to NY
      > arrivals on my Helpful HInts page.... more than likely they came into NY
      > to go to Bridgeport.
      > The name Fabry in your posting rang a bell with me, so I dug out my
      > Mom's old address book from the 70's, and found this entry
      > Fabry, Joseph and Olly
      > 65 Fayerweather Terrace
      > Bridgeport
      > I remember my Mom and her dad talking about the Fabry's, but don't know
      > if they were related or just friends. You'll have to ask your Dad if he
      > knows of the Silhavy's, Nechasek's and Polke's, the Polke's are my
      > godparents who still run the funeral home on Fairfield Ave. Polke's is
      > the "Slovak" Funeral home, so most were buried out of there.
      > My grandmother was Irene Silhavy who married John McCarthy in Bridgeport
      > in 1920. Her brothers Joseph and William (who had been Bela) were
      > firemen, as was John McCarthy.
      > My grandfather John McCarthy was also a founder of the Fayerweather
      > Yacht Club, and since the Fabry's lived on Fayerweather Terrace its
      > possible that is how my family knew the Fabry's.
      > My mother died in 1991. Possibly your Dad can shed some light on
      > this.... we may not be related, but it sounds like our families knew
      > each other somehow!
      > Maura
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