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  • Jon Zatk
    ... at the ... 1924 ... by an ... I ... and ... Jan 1861 ... Balluch ... 25 ... Don t know your surnames. And post-emigration information means little without
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 25, 2000
      Frank Kurchina <frankur@...> wrote:

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com, Mary Russo Demetrick <mmdemetr@s...>
      > I am posing this question to this list, since I have not asked here
      > before. Does any of this ring a bell with list members? I am back
      > LDS looking at church records.
      > When my ggrandmother filled out papers to practice as a midwife in
      > in the state of Penn. she gave her village name as "Jahny" spelled
      by an
      > English speaker I am sure. This family has always been RC as far as
      > can tell. I have looked in Jamnik, church records, also in Illany,
      > now in a few other villages in Spis. So far no luck.
      > GGfather name was Jakub Balluch (Baluch, or Ballow in the US) b. 3
      Jan 1861
      > On his death certificate, his mother is listed as Elizabet Miko
      > GGmother was Helen Kubasco (Kubassek?) Ballow (Balluch, Baluch) b.
      > Dec. 1984
      Don't know your surnames.
      And post-emigration information means little without surname village/
      town of origin.
      I'll pose some questions, too.

      Know that the listener (clerk) wrote down what he thought the
      said in reply to his question.
      If village name was spelled by an English speaker, then why spell it
      Jahny which certainly looks German ?
      Or, look at the Czech first name Johny = Jahny, J�hny, Johany.

      Why do you think your great GPs were from Slovakia, i.e. Upper-
      Hungary ?

      Were they naturalized, since naturalization papers would list their
      birthplaces ?
      Before 1923 a wife was automatically naturalized when her husband
      became a citizen.
      Were GGPs married before or after arrival in the U.S. ?

      Settled in NE or SW PA ?
      When did they emigrate to the U.S. ?
      What was their port of entry, NYC, Philadelphia, or Baltimore ?

      Kubasco is Hungarian spelling, probably of surname Kubas, perhaps
      Diminutive could be Kubass, Kubasak, Kubasek, etc.

      What might GGPs have said ?

      How are you ? English

      Wie geht es Ihnen ? German

      Hogy Van ? Hungarian

      Ako sa m�s^ ? Slovak

      Jak se m�te ? Czech

      Jak sie pan miewa ? Polish

      Kaip gyvenate ? Lithuanian

      Kuidas l�heb ? Estonian

      Kako ste ? Croatian/Slovene (Roman)

      K� jums kl�jas ? Latvian

      K A K C T E ? Serbian/Bulgarian/Macedonian (Cyrillic)
      (kahk steh)

      K A K D E J| A' ? Russian (Cyrillic)
      (kahk dyela )

      R K C || P A B |/| ? Ukrainian (Cyrillic)
      (yahk spr�vee )

      Be it beyond me to offer any suggestions from what Mr. Kurchina is offering ( I think he is the most informed person on this board and he seems to go out of his way to help everyone. This board is certainly lucky to have him as a Member.)IMHO.

      However I know what it is like to be desperate and just to reach for straws. If this is your case I have a suggestion. In the Kurima Church records there is a Buchala from Dubine, in the Same records I have seen the name also spelt Buhala. Also in these records there is a marriage of 1857 of Andrea Buhala and Maria Bezecsek.

      Film #'s1792391, 1792392 & 1792393.

      Like I said if your desperate give it a try

      John Zatkovich

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