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Re: [S-R] 1869 Hungarian Census - response

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Great thoughts Anabeth. The power of posting your surnames and village info on a permanent web page is HUGE. I call it going fishing . Sooner or later the
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 4, 2010
      Great thoughts Anabeth.

      The power of posting your surnames and village info on a permanent web
      page is HUGE. I call it "going fishing". Sooner or later the fish will
      begin to nibble. May take several years, but you'll eventually get a
      "bite." I have never seen it fail in our region of the world.

      Think about it. Someone gets inspired to do family research, for any
      number of reasons. What do they do today? They dig up the little info
      they have and then Google it. I always like to Google my surname and my
      village name, even today, to see what pops up.

      For eastern Slovakia, I collected a bunch of village info and posted them
      on my web, because many of these villages have no web way to connect
      people. I figured if I knew someone who knew about these villages, I
      could pass the name along when someone google fishing hit the page and
      contacted me. Each page includes the researcher name, the village
      surnames and any info on the village I can find. Often people come along
      and give me more info to add - these pages just grow(or not) as I receive

      If you're uncomfortable creating a page, I'm happy to make a little web
      page of your village if you'd like along with contact info, pictures or
      what have you. I don't charge anyone, because this is my hobby, my labor
      of love. I pay for it all myself, because I don't want it cluttered with
      advertisement. Give me the content, I'll post it. I've made sure that
      my web site is high on the search engine priorities, so I get a lot of
      hits when people research our area. Our area has so little web exposure
      that makes it part of my mission. Like little hillbilly hamlets here in
      the States, they don't get much attention in Slovakia either. Write me
      privately if interested.


      On Thu, February 4, 2010 10:51 am, Anabeth Dollins wrote:
      > Bill --
      > Thanks for your encouragement. During the early years of Slovak-World,
      > before there was a Slovak-Roots, I discovered several others who were
      > researching my villages of Brezova pod Bradlom and Myjava and we began our
      > own little mailing list on which we shared information. This has since
      > morphed into a Yahoo group.
      > When I borrowed the FHL 1869 censuses for these villages, I made partial
      > transcriptions and put these on my web page (anabeth.dollins.org). At
      > minimum, I have listed family names and house numbers for each village.
      > Thanks to these minimal transcriptions I have discovered even more
      > researchers -- or, more accurately, people interested in working on their
      > family history. I've been able to help quite a few people get started on
      > their own research because of their finding family names on my web pages.
      > I heartily second your suggestion to "proactively seek out others." One
      > way
      > is by putting family and village names on web pages. It's possible to
      > create
      > a free personal web page using Google, for example. (No affiliation)
      > Anabeth Dollins
      > On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 9:46 AM, Bill Tarkulich
      > <bill.tarkulich@...>wrote:
      >> I imagine if you did a poll of the 1,000 researchers on this forum, you
      >> will
      >> find that most are the only one researching their village. In a few
      >> cases
      >> I see 2 or 3 people researching all or part of the same village, but it
      >> seems to be the exception rather than the rule. In my 11 years doing
      >> genealogy correspondence on the web, it's only about every 3-5 years
      >> that
      >> someone comes along looking for the same village. And the bigger problem
      >> is that the original researcher has disappeared without a trace.
      >> I wholeheartedly encourage researchers to proactively seek out others
      >> who
      >> are researching the same village and exchange information with them.
      >> Each
      >> little village has so little info, that every little piece you add helps
      >> significantly. So, I would suggest you do the same to the researcher who
      >> compiled the Circ list.
      >> Bill
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      Bill Tarkulich
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