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RE: [S-R] Nagy Polany and Koribanic surname

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    You are speaking of two villages that were dis-incorporated in 1980 for the construction of the Starina Reservoir. I m certain we have spoken before. Nagy
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 21, 2010
      You are speaking of two villages that were dis-incorporated in 1980 for the
      construction of the Starina Reservoir. I'm certain we have spoken before.

      Nagy Polany in Magyar was known as Velka Polana in Slovak.
      If you look at my web page, I've researched these villages. I have
      identified that the Greek Catholic Records are now with the Starina records,
      and the Roman Catholic Records are now with the Snina records.
      The majority population was Rusyn / Greek Catholic.
      Ref: http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/settlements/starina_reservoir.htm

      I also have a page on Nagy Polana, but I also have little information.
      the Greek Catholic Church was of baroque style and build in 1732. Of course
      it no longer is extant.

      If you write me privately, I can send you a scan the statistical abstract
      (written in Slovak) describing the village, it's population over time, land
      ownership (typically nobles) and various incorporation changes over time.
      It will be up to you to translate it (this offer is open to anyone who
      requests it.) This is typically 4-5 paragraphs, lots of numbers and
      occasionally a photo. There is no photo for this village.

      To answer your question about why they lived in different village. Smolnik
      was a hamlet, with a population of 375, which Nagy Polana was somewhat
      larger at 705, in the year 1910. Small hamlets were not self-sufficient.
      They cooperated often with neighboring village socially, economically, and
      politically. In a village of 300 there were often not enough marriageable
      candidates to go around. Secondly, These villages may have had a church
      building, but often there was one priest, who shared his duties between two
      or three villages.


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      I am researching Koribanic or Koribanics in the area of Smolnik. We are
      trying to locate records on Peter Koribanic. This was my husbands father. He
      listed Novy Smolnik on his 1921 immigration record.
      Now we have found out his sister Anna Koribanic immigrated but listed "Nagy
      Polany". I realize these 2 villages were close to each other but I cannot
      figure out
      why they may have lived in a different village.

      I have not seen records for Nagy Polany, Any suggestions on where to find
      them? Are there any records showing what church (Greek or ?) that may
      have existed
      in Nagy Polany? I cannot seem to find much written on this village. I did
      not learn about Nagy Polany until after we returned from our recent trip to
      the Smolnik region.

      Thanks for your help.
      Gloria Kurbanick

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