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RE: [S-R] 2 baptismal files uploaded

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  • Lisa Marzonie
    Thanks to you and all the others who ve looked and commented! I didnt know what alias Soltesz meant, so this is a great new piece of information! Thanks,
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 11, 2010
      Thanks to you and all the others who've looked and commented! I didnt' know what "alias Soltesz" meant, so this is a great new piece of information! Thanks, again!Blessings,Lisa

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      Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 18:33:38 -0800
      Subject: Re: [S-R] 2 baptismal files uploaded

      Yes, Uxor is wife (latin). I think that the real treat here is Soltesz which means that Maria is a direct descendant of the village founder. Colonus = sedliar They farmed more land, had bigger harvests, had more livestock than the tenant farmer.



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      My best reading of the 1874 record is:

      Georgius Maczura, GC (Greek Catholic]) Col[lonus] (i.e.,

      farmer), Jasz[treb] and

      Maria Hlnicz alias Soltesz, GC, uxor (wife), ??

      The handwriting on the second one is just awful. My best reading is that

      Gyorgy's parents were Gyorgy Maczura and Maria Denisz of Jasztreb. The

      second word (after Jasztrebi) refers to Gyorgy's occupation but I absolutely

      cannot make it out. Maybe someone else can.



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      Subject: [S-R] 2 baptismal files uploaded

      I'd be grateful for a hand in trying to read the names and additional

      information on the two baptismal records. The record of "Georgius Macura" 24

      Oct. 1874 is that of my husband's grandfather. The parents are Georgius

      Mac[z]ura and Maria Hricz. That's about all I can read.

      The other record is only a "possible" match. If it is correct, it would be

      the generation before, my husband's great grandfather: Gyӧrgy Maczura.

      It "appears" to me that the father MAY be Gyӧrgy Mac[z]ura, but I

      can't read the mother's name or any other information. I'd be interested to

      know what someone else sees, as this may not be the correct record. We

      expected to find it closer to 1850-1854, but I can't read those records at

      all as they are not in Latin.

      Help, please!

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