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Re: [S-R] US Baptisms recorded in Austria-Hungary records

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    One branch of my family is Mikulsak which was changed to McCluskey in 1915.  The children s mother died tragically and her parents, who were Puskar immigrants
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      One branch of my family is Mikulsak which was changed to McCluskey in 1915.  The children's mother died tragically and her parents, who were Puskar immigrants from Nagydomasa thought the children would be better off with a more "American" name.  The children, my distant McCluskey cousins, always thought their grandfather was Irish!!

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      I love your comment about the "Waspy Sounding Name".

      My great-grandmother' s tombstone spells her last name
      ZANDOR. The family latter became SANDOR.

      The tombstones of her children are all SANDERS.


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      > Thanks. We can always learn something!
      > With such a WASPy sounding name, it makes you wonder if it was a Roman
      > Catholic baptism. It would be interesting to know what kind of churches
      > Brownsville had at that time.
      > If the register ever shows up on the digital Pilot site, I am definitely
      > going to reference it as an example of variations in record-keeping.
      > Bill
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      > Dear Bill,
      > I finally managed to view the film to give you some information pertaining
      > to what I had spotted in one of my towns. The town is Ujvaros (Slanske Nove
      > Mesto) in Abauj-Torna. I quickly looked through some of the birth records
      > and these I found written in the birth records as an entry, albeit these
      > were on the bottom of the page, but there were several entries written on
      > the bottom of the pages that were for local baptisms as well. All were
      > given a separate entry number on the page.
      > I do want to mention that I had at least one written in the middle of the
      > page, but I do believe that was a druhopsy.
      > In these films, the record stretches across just one page.
      > Register number, birth date, baptism date, name, parents, town, godparents,
      > priest, observations.
      > Here's what I found in the few minutes that I had to look:
      > 1888, baptism in Trenton, New Jersey
      > 1895, baptism in Hammond, Indiana, N.America. This shows the godparents to
      > be from Hammond Indiana as well.
      > 1897: baptism in Brownsville, Washington County, PA. Priest: Richard
      > McDonald.
      > Now, that one really made me laugh. Doesn't sound very slovak if you ask
      > me!
      > Just wanted to get back to you regarding these entries. I have not seen
      > this in any of the other films that I have reviewed, and there have been
      > many!
      > Barbara
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