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RE: [S-R] Family from Spis - Pardus/Navabilsky/Pikovszky/Csizsik/Viskoczy/Gloviczky/Bukas

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  • Janet Kozlay
    I suggest you take this a little piece at a time. These people came from a variety of places and sometimes it is not easy to decipher what records you need to
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 30, 2009
      I suggest you take this a little piece at a time. These people came from a
      variety of places and sometimes it is not easy to decipher what records you
      need to look at.

      Let's take the Gloviczky-Bukas marriage.

      You list Michal Gloviczky as being born in "Almas-Jablonov-Spis-county."

      He was most likely from Szepesalmas, which was also called
      Szepeshely, east of old Iglo (Spisska Nova Ves), now Spisske Podhradie.
      There were two Roman Catholic parishes, and you would need to look at the
      films for both.

      Jablonov seems to be a red herring here unless the "Spis" is wrong. There
      were villages of Also-Almas and Felso-Almas which were also called
      Jablonov/Jablonovce, but these were in Hont county, not Szepes. The Roman
      Catholic records for these villages are with Pecsanics/Pecenice.

      Most Gloviczky immigrants came from Lelesz in Zemplen county (Kralovsky
      Chlumec), but this is quite a long distance away. The Slovak phone directory
      (for Glovicky) also suggests Kralovsky Chlumec. Michal's family might have
      originally come from that area.

      You list Zuzana Bukas as born in "Vitkocz-Vitkovce-Spis-county.

      Vitkocz/Vitkovce was also called Vitfalva. It is not far from Spisske
      Podhradie (see map of Slovakia, on MapQuest for instance). Its Roman
      Catholic records are with Kortvelyes, now Spissky Hrusov in Slovakia.

      In keeping with Bill's recommendation of providing tools rather than just
      end results, the above data were gleaned from combining information from:

      Radix (www.bogardi.com <http://www.bogardi.com/> )

      Dvorzsak Gazetteer

      LDS Family Search Library Place Search
      splay=localitysearch&columns=*,0,0> &columns=*,0,0)

      Lazarus 1910 Maps

      MapQuest International

      Slovak Phone Directory

      Both of these names are quite uncommon, and none appears in the phone
      directory for the above-named villages in Spis.

      Just that is enough to keep you busy for quite a while. Meanwhile, I'll see
      if I can come up with anything on the others.



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      Subject: [S-R] Family from Spis -

      I am seeking family genealogy for the following family names: Pardus,
      Navabilsky, Pikovszky, Csizsik, Viskoczy, Gloviczky, Bukas and Orlovszky.

      Maria Elizabeth Novabilsky married Pal (Pavol) Pardus and moved to Monessen,
      Pennsylvania, USA in the early 1900's. The oldest of their ancestors that I
      have been able to identify are:

      Josef Pardus
      b: Abt. 1805 in Slovenska Ves - Totfalu
      m: Anna Pikovszky

      Anna Pikovszky
      b: abt 1800-1810 (est)
      m: Josef Pardus

      Pavol Pardus (son of Josef Pardus and Anna Pikovszky)
      b: 14 01 1844 in Slovenska Ves - Totfalu
      m: Maria Csizsik 27 Jun 1873 in ???

      Maria Csizsik
      b: Unknown in ???
      m: Pavol Pardus 27 Jun 1873 in ???

      Jan Novabilsky
      b: abt 1790-1810 (est)
      m: Zuzana Viskocz

      Zuzana Viskocz
      b: abt 1790-1810 (est)
      m: Jan Novabilsky

      Michal Gloviczky
      b: 1819 in Almas-Jablonov-Spis-county
      m: Zuzana Bukas

      Zuzana Bukas
      b: 1836 in Vitkocz-Vitkovce-Spis-county
      m: Michal Gloviczky

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