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  • nilo3rak
    Double ditto to Bill s wise words. However, since it is your family history, your in the sense that you are the historian/author, feel free to add additional
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 7, 2009
      Double ditto to Bill's wise words.

      However, since it is your family history, "your" in the sense that you are the historian/author, feel free to add additional information. This can include the current geopolitical designation. Since I am into genetics, I include the latitude and longitude of the villages. That will not change no matter who or what invades, rebels, or unites the area.

      Better to err on the side of too much information.

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Tarkulich" <bill.tarkulich@...> wrote:
      > It is essential, in recording genealogy information that you use the names
      > and political structure that were in place at the time of the event. This
      > general rules is essential for you or other researchers to build upon your
      > work. It is challenging because these lands have been held by different
      > political entities over the lifetime of our ancestors.
      > Hungary-Czechoslovakia-Slovakia/Hungary/Germany-Czechoslovakia-Slovakia.
      > Each political entity has it's own structure. Hungary had counties, which,
      > in many ways are equivalent to US-States. Below that was a district
      > (similar to a US-county.) With present-day Slovakia, there are regions,
      > districts and sub/micro districts. Even throughout 1000 years of time in
      > Hungary, certain counties and districts and towns were re-organized.
      > Whatever you do, DON'T "sanitize" the data by converting it all over to
      > present-day names. You need to be firm about this, even including
      > misspellings or language variations. Nobody will ever be able to figure out
      > your research otherwise.
      > While there are some maps, there are references that will be more useful.
      > Here are some samples.
      > a) an overlay of old Hungary counties on present day boundaries
      > http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/Documents/Slovakia_Hungary_Counties.jpg
      > CAUTION: THESE names are NOT in present day use.
      > b) Contemporary
      > http://mapy.atlas.sk/
      > c) 1910 Hungary
      > http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/vmlista.htm
      > d) 1882 Hungary by county and district
      > http://www.bogardi.com/gen/g104.shtml (remember to have the correct village
      > name in use at the time)
      > e) 1913 Hungary Gazetteer
      > http://www.bogardi.com/gen/g168.shtml Same warnings as in (d).
      > And a boatload of other maps I have collected:
      > http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/maps.htm
      > Regards,
      > Bill Tarkulich
      > Bill
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      > Upon recording where my ancestors were born, married, etc. I record the
      > town, county and state for USA information.� Is that the same for Slovakia
      > records?� My grandfather was born in Petrovany--what would be the
      > corresponding county, if any?� His parents were married in Kendice,�county
      > for that?� I want to be sure and record everything I can about where they
      > lived, etc. in Slovakia.� Is there a map I can look at/purchase that will
      > give me this information for any future discoveries I make?� Thank you very
      > much.
      > Nancy
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