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Re: [S-R] History of Slovakia & Landholders - For Tom Geiss

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Tom, I would strongly suggest you read A History of Slovakia: The Struggle for Survival , Stanislav J. Kirschbaum, May 1996, In-print, paperback. This is by
    Message 1 of 51 , Oct 5, 2009

      I would strongly suggest you read "A History of Slovakia: The Struggle for
      Survival", Stanislav J. Kirschbaum, May 1996, In-print, paperback. This
      is by far the best introductory material on the subject.

      The root of it, which culminated in WWI, which originated in Hungary, was
      the huge gap between the rich and poor, which even after emancipation of
      the peasants remained a stranglehold on majority population. Most
      certainly it was a class struggle. You will learn your answers after
      reading Kirshbaum.

      It's impossible to know the specific circumstances of your family, but for
      the most part the largest estates were nationalized, most especially those
      of nobility. Many large landholdings did in fact remain in private hands
      until Communism took hold.

      It sounds like your family was of noble status. Since noble landholding
      were well documented, it would serve you well to check out SLOVAK

      You may also find it interesting to paw around the landholdings database.

      Bill Tarkulich

      On Mon, October 5, 2009 11:37 am, Tom Geiss wrote:
      > I am enjoying all this HISTORY of migration, and its reasons.
      > Perhaps some of you can enlighten me as to exactly what caused my
      > grandmother's relatives to "Have their VERY LARGE FARM taken away
      > from them at the time of WW1 " (Or maybe before, I'm not sure??) ( In
      > Spisska Nova Ves)
      > What I have from those now dead and gone, is that
      > " They had a large farm; were prosperous for the times, had many
      > field hands; had PRIVATE TUTORS, were well educated, etc.Doctors ,
      > lawyers, etc.
      > Then THIS WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM. All those left behind were
      > killed"??
      > My question is, Killed by whom? Was it the war? Was it
      > political?
      > Were they resented because they were AUSTRIAN, RICH? What were the
      > forces at play here. I have not found any survivors, yet.
      > Tom
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      > Bill T's points are right on the mark. Today, I have Slovak cousins
      > working in CR, England, Ireland and USA. However, pre-1900 mobility
      > was not too great, though I do show one branch headed south from
      > Dubravka with the all the family in tow -- and then returning after a
      > few years. Following the job market, perhaps.
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      Bill Tarkulich
    • Janet Kozlay
      Bill, MacCartney doesn t really cover this very well, but I did find some answers in my own library. Fel and Hofer s Proper Peasants has a succinct
      Message 51 of 51 , Oct 9, 2009
        Bill, MacCartney doesn't really cover this very well, but I did find some
        answers in my own library. Fel and Hofer's "Proper Peasants" has a succinct
        description of what happened following the emancipation of the serfs in
        1848, though I still haven't found the answer to "how many?".

        Thanks for your effort to help.

        Whenever I read an especially good response to an interesting query, I can
        always tell before looking if you were the author. Your knowledge is
        phenomenal. Thank you for your continuing efforts to educate us all.



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        It may have been MacCartney

        Hungary: A Short History, TRIANON HUNGARY, C. A. Macartney

        http://tinyurl. <http://tinyurl.com/ydjgscn> com/ydjgscn


        > Question for Bill: Some time ago, somewhere, I read statistics on how many
        > freed serfs were able to purchase their land from the landowners following
        > the liberation of 1848. This left many serfs even poorer off than they had
        > been before. Now I can't locate where I read this. Any clue?
        > Janet

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