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  • Frank Kurchina
    ... in ... grandmother s ... brothers. ... 1880- ... Don t know your surnames. A Ilava is located 78 miles NE of Bratislava near Dubnica nad Váhom in western
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 14, 2000
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com, jajames@c... wrote:
      > This is my first time in a group such as this. I hope I do things
      > the proper way. I am searching for information about my
      > family. Grandmother's name is Helen(a) MUTNANSKY. She was born in
      > August 3,1875 to Andrej MUTNANSKY and Josefina PALEK in ILAVA. My
      > searches thus far have determined that there are two ILAVAs in
      > Slovakia. My grandmother's birth record came from NITRA, so I am
      > assuming she was born in the Ilava that is closest to the Hungarian
      > border. I would like to learn the names of her sisters and
      > Can anyone tell me if there was a national census taken between
      > 1900?

      Don't know your surnames.

      A Ilava is located 78 miles NE of Bratislava near Dubnica nad
      in western Slovakia.
      Before WW I, it was located in Trencsén Megye (county)

      A Ilava is located 76 miles east of Bratislava , near Santovka
      and close to the current Hungarian Border.
      Formerly it was located in Nyitra Megye (county)

      Too bad your GM didn't originate in the former Ilava.
      The LDS-Mormons filmed its R.C. parish church records for the
      period 1673-1934 (over 250 years of records)

      The latter Ilava is tiny and has no church.
      Looked at the nearby villages with churches but can't determine
      where the inhabitants from Ilava attended church ?

      What was surname religion ?

      30 surname Mutnansky are listed in the Social Security Death Index.


      The surnames listed above under PA would have been coal miners
      in SW PA.

      In Slovakia, which was part of the kingdom of Hungary, censuses were
      enumerated according to Hungarian law.
      Only four census enumerations made in Hungary have survived and
      are available on microfilm.
      But, neither their dates (1828, 1848, 1857, 1869) nor the counties,
      i.e. Nyitra (Nitra) apply.
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