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Genealogy conference mid Oct in Cleveland

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  • Mary T
    This from another list... Mary For a feast of Slovak history, genealogy and culture - don t miss the 12th CGSI Conference, at the Holiday Inn Cleveland South,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2009
      This from another list...

      For a feast of Slovak history, genealogy and culture - don't miss the 12th CGSI Conference, at the Holiday Inn Cleveland South, Independence, Ohio, Oct 14 - 17. The Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International is a resource for Czech, Slovak, Moravian, Bohemian, Rusyn and German-Bohemian genealogy.

      The conference provides a perfect opportunity to meet experts and mingle with congenial people.

      (Already have 8 people interested in a Slovak World/Slovak Roots gathering - it's on - we just have to find the best time to do it! Let Helene know if you are interested in getting the info - helenezx@aol. com - the more the merrier!)

      A superb program organized by chairman Paul Makousky includes speakers listed and others. See complete program at www.cgsi.org. For the first time Rusyn topics are grouped on Sat. for ease of attendance (possible to get a one day admission).

      The event also includes tours of ethnic neighborhoods, cultural organizations and genealogical sources. Participants can sign up to use the CGSI traveling library; visit exhibits, displays and vendors; enjoy musical performances; view the traditional parade of folk dress on Fri. night (bring guests $10 per person) and see a special mini-exhibit from the Baine/ Cincebeaux collection of Slovak, Moravian, Czech and Rusyn Folk Dress at the First Catholic Slovak Union national office nearby.

      Highlights from the stellar program:

      Lisa Alzo 
        • Beginning Slovak Genealogy
        • Writing Your Family History
        • The Role of Chain Migration and its Importance to Family History Research
        • Demystifying East European Research

      Milan Belej from Slovakia
        • Most Useful Genealogical Sources in the Slovak Archives: census, inhabitant lists, land, school and guild registers, military and church records & where to find them
        • Mass migration from Slovakia to the USA: causes and useful documents
        • Register Books in Slovakia – Most Im-portant for Genealogical Research

      Margo Smith 
        • Using Feudal Tax Records to Elaborate Slovak Family History Research
        • Strategies in Use of Parish Records in Slovak Family History Research
        •  Visual Anthropological Perspectives in the Turiec Valley of Slovakia

      Rich Custer
        • National Orientation and Identity of Carpatho-Rusyns in Cleveland   

      John Righetti
        • Rusyns and Slovaks: Similarities and Differences   
        • Rusyn Superstitions and Customs 

      Joe Hornack
        • High Impact Slovak Pioneers to America 

      Michael Kopanic
        • Slovak Immigrant Neighborhoods in the Cleveland Area
      • Slovak-Hungarian Relations in Cleveland

      Veronica Ratica Hipp
      • Slovak Decorated Eggs: History, Diver-sity, Significance in Slovak Folklife

      Helene Cincebeaux
      • Slide presentation on Slovak, Rusyn, Moravian and Bohemian Folk Dress; see it worn and learn what it meant in their lives   

      Karen Hobbs
      • Finding Your Ancestor's Regiment   
      • Using LDS Austrian Military Records
      • The Czech Legion in France and Russia

      Frank Soural, Canada
      • Deciphering the Old German Documents       
      • Eastern Canadian Ports of Entry 
      Gregory Ference
      • 1914 Memorandum, Slovak League
      • The Slovak Quest for Equality in Hungary

      Jan Dus, Czech Republic
      • Slovak and Czech Genealogical Resources on the Internet and What's new 
      • Archives Getting Digital – What Can I Do Myself? When Do I Need Help?
      • Genealogical History of Christians and Jews in the Czech Lands and Slovakia 
      Stephen Sebesta
      • The Story of 440 Cleveland Czech & Slovak Czechoslovak Legionnaires

      Don Kozlowski
      • Cuyahoga County archives

      Miroslav Koudelka, Czech Republic
      • Roadblocks a Czech Genealogist May Encounter and Ways to Resolve Them
      • The Range of Czech Ancestors Given Names, Their Origins and Language Forms   • Let Us Get Acquainted with the Professions of Our Czech Ancestors

      Carol Jean Smetana 
      • Understanding Names & Records of Czech Ancestors: Tools for Genealogists   
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