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Grandmother Eva Strba from Zakopcje! Hooray

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  • maryann azar
    Success! Thank you everyone. Frank and Joe, special thanks, Julie too. Wow, I m sure I ll calm down when I get to the films, but for now it feels like
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2000
      Success! Thank you everyone. Frank and Joe, special thanks, Julie too. Wow, I'm sure I'll calm down when I get to the films, but for now it feels like paydirt.

      --->Frank said: "Soon as I read your blowup saw that Joe was correct.
      Not a letter L but a letter Z.
      Letter a with accent mark
      Letter c ^ = ch, not an e.
      What looks like a long v is really letters i e.
      20 is the House number, so must be a small village.

      Zákopc^ie Stred located 3 miles SW of C^adca, which was spelled
      Hungarian fashion in the document as Csaza.
      2 churches.
      Next time I'll look in my Podrobny' AutoAtlas first.

      Supposedly R.C. parish church records (1805-1896) for Zákopc^ie. Frank Kurcina

      --->>Joe said: "Hi Maryann! I got the attachments, and it definitely says Zakopcie
      (spelled Zakopcje, with marks over the "a" and the "c"). It's pronounced
      "ZAH-kop-cheh". It's maybe 5 miles southwest of Cadca. Congratulations
      on tracking down your family! Joe Armata

      To all: Every time I read your questions, the answers and advisories, I learn something from this website. I really appreciate the explanations of the language problems. This site and the search has prompted me to return to study of the turbulent (and confusing) history of the area. Whizzed past it in college; now, one of those things we thought we'd never use is pertinent. The language itself is a bigger hurdle, so thank you. My heart aches for these countries and their peoples. It's almost as if Slovokia never had a chance to mature to the European society we know.

      Frank's mention above on "....Csaza spelled Hungarian fashion..." tells me the Magyarization effect was felt that far north by the hand of the writer. Does that sound feasible? When I have time to read BBs on Slovokiatoday.com, I find the unending ethnic/political differences difficult to deal with, not understanding the background of deep-seated resentments, at least from my American Melting-pot perspective. Which brings me to another (touchy from their view) question--am I Slovak--now that it's Repub. of Slovakia? Dad said he was Czechoslovakian, but he went to the "Slovak" church in St. Louis as opposed to the "Bohemian" or Czeck....Once they said he was from Austria (reference to pre 1920 since he came over in 1899)--Do I care? Not one bit, just very happy to be a U.S. citizen.

      Can anyone tell me of an internet source for Historical maps of the area? Or, another inexpensive source? Thanks for all your help, you are wonderful.

      Note: Re: Frank's comment--the number 20 that appears at the end of Zakopcje is Eva's age--from the next column that ran in the blowup--I have a good range to start with the Zakopcje film! Yay. I'll let you know if we find more "fish"--still wondering what that is.

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