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Re: Genealogy research --Repak/Kovalesjcsik

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  • margesonny
    Can you tell me were I can access this 1995 Slovak census? Thank you Margaret
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 19, 2009
      Can you tell me were I can access this 1995 Slovak census?

      Thank you

      -- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Mojher" <mgmojher@...> wrote:
      > Mike,
      > The prime piece of information needed in genealogy is "location", what village did your relatives come from. By knowing where and the religion it is possible to find the records on your family.
      > I am sending you information on the surnames you listed. What I am pasting in is the results of a hunt through a census done in Slovakia in 1995. They did this extensive census after becoming an independent country in 1993.
      > There were 155 people with the name Repak in Slovakia and they were located in 46 locations. The top locations are given. The first word is the name of the town (in blue) or a district of a larger town (in black), "obec" is the name of the town. Next is the "okr" or orkes the district or county. The "od. r" gives the name of the district/county before a given date. The "numberX" is the number of people named Repak found in that town.
      > From this list you can see that a large number of lived in Roznava County (45). It gives you a starting point for your search.
      > Priezvisko REPÁK sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 155×, celkový pocet lokalít: 46, najcastejsie výskyty v lokalitách:
      > REVÚCA, okr. ROZNAVA (od r. 1996 REVÚCA) - 25×;
      > MOKRÁ LÚKA, okr. ROZNAVA (od r. 1996 REVÚCA) - 10×;
      > NIZNÁ MYSLA, okr. KOSICE-VIDIEK (od r. 1996 KOSICE - OKOLIE) - 8×;
      > ZÁKOPCIE STRED (obec ZÁKOPCIE), okr. CADCA - 8×;
      > ZILINA, okr. ZILINA - 7×;
      > HNÚSTA, okr. RIMAVSKÁ SOBOTA - 6×;
      > VYSNÁ MYSLA, okr. KOSICE-VIDIEK (od r. 1996 KOSICE - OKOLIE) - 6×;
      > MURÁN, okr. ROZNAVA (od r. 1996 REVÚCA) - 5×;
      > REVÚCKA (obec REVÚCA), okr. ROZNAVA (od r. 1996 REVÚCA) - 5×;
      > U HOLÝCH (obec ZÁKOPCIE), okr. CADCA - 5×;
      > There was no listing for Marcsisak. So it appears that Marcisak is the correct spelling. Here two spellings are given because of dialect marks. I know Litmanova, it is within 15 miles of my paternal ancestral village. Since Litmanova is not on the list, Stara Lubovna and Kamienka are the two closest towns. With only 24 Marcisak listed, it makes it a somewhat rare surname.
      > Priezvisko MARCISÁK sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 2×, celkový pocet lokalít: 1, v lokalitách:
      > BELÁ NAD CIROCHOU, okr. HUMENNÉ (od r. 1996 SNINA) - 2×;
      > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Priezvisko MARCISÁK sa na Slovensku v roku 1995 nachádzalo 22×, celkový pocet lokalít: 11, v lokalitách:
      > OLSAVICA, okr. SPISSKÁ NOVÁ VES (od r. 1996 LEVOCA) - 7×;
      > POPRAD, okr. POPRAD - 3×;
      > SPISSKÉ PODHRADIE, okr. SPISSKÁ NOVÁ VES (od r. 1996 LEVOCA) - 3×;
      > GYNOV, okr. KOSICE-VIDIEK (od r. 1996 KOSICE - OKOLIE) - 2×;
      > SEMSA, okr. KOSICE-VIDIEK (od r. 1996 KOSICE - OKOLIE) - 1×;
      > KAMIENKA, okr. STARÁ LUBOVNA - 1×;
      > KEZMAROK, okr. POPRAD (od r. 1996 KEZMAROK) - 1×;
      > LEVOCA, okr. SPISSKÁ NOVÁ VES (od r. 1996 LEVOCA) - 1×;
      > STARÉ MESTO (obec BRATISLAVA), okr. BRATISLAVA - 1×;
      > NAD JAZEROM (obec KOSICE), okr. KOSICE - 1×;
      > There was no listings or alternatives for the surname Kovalesjcsik. And no listing at Ellis Island with that spelling.
      > From Ellis Island, no Maria under Marcisak.
      > 1 Marcsisak, Maria 13 1881 1894
      > 2 Marcsisak, Maria Likn...c...ova, Hungary 17 1888 1905
      > From: mrepak
      > Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 6:30 PM
      > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [S-R] Genealogy research --Repak/Kovalesjcsik
      > I'm trying to find out information about my father's father. He died in 1919 when my dad was just an infant, so dad never got to know him. His name was Charles M. Repak and we believe that he was born in Austria-Hungary around 1889. I've been able to obtain his U.S. naturalization certificate which indicates that he arrived in NYC in 1895. I have a wedding picture of he and my grandmother, Mary Marcsisak (sometimes spelled Marcisak) but I don't know the date of marriage. She arrived in NYC on July 11, 1905 and was single when she arrived. She came from Litmanova in what is now the Slovak Republic. I also have obtained Charles' death certificate from NYC Bureau of Records. In handwriting that is not completely legible his parents are identified as Joseph Repak and Tesi Kovalesjcsik. My dad had always told me that Joseph Repak had died when Charles was young (so I can't be certain that he made it to NYC with Charles & Tesi). I also recall my father telling me that Tesi remarried a man with a name that sounded like "Dorax" and had other children. He also said that the family Americanized their name to "Drew." Dad believed that Mr. Dorax may have abandoned his family & moved to Pennsylvania. He recalls that his grandmother, Tesi lived in his neighborhood in lower Manhattan when he was young (in the 1920's & '30's). Charles was naturalized at Camp Upton in Suffolk County, NY, but otherwise I believe his spent his time in the US in Manhattan. I have had no luck in obtaining Tesi's death certificate through searching a couple of databases. I don't have a date of death or location (although I am assuming it would be either Manhattan or Brooklyn). Also, I can't be certain of the spelling of her name as I've seen plenty of misspellings of names in official documents.
      > Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me in uncovering any further information about either Charles or Tesi.
      > Mike Repak
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