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    Hi Michael, We ve corresponded several times before & I m still researching! I typed the surnames I m researching into the website you suggested to Sandy
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2009
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      Hi Michael,

      We've corresponded several times before & I'm still researching! I typed
      the surnames I'm researching into the website you suggested to Sandy below.
      All 3 showed results. However, I don't understand what I'm looking at. Can
      you help?


      Martha Andras

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      From: Michael Mojher
      Date: 4/18/2009 3:38:25 PM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Surnames in Siroka/Pechuifalu, STRIHORVISKI/LIPJANEZ

      I went to this website, http://slovnik.juls.savba.sk/?lang=en , and entered
      your surnames and their alternative spellings. In 1995 Slovakia did an
      extensive census. When you enter a surname it will generate a find of that
      word. If the surname has a meaning it will give the definition and so forth.
      It will also list the surname in all its forms according to that spelling.
      The forms are when dialect marks are used on letters within the surname. So
      there can be several versions of a single spelling. The results of your
      Cech without any dialectic marks - there were 31 found. 21 of those live in
      Skalite, District of Cadca.
      Cech with a 'v' dialectic mark over the first 'C' - there were 1419 found.
      43 lived in Siroke, District of Presov.
      Ulicny with check mark dialectic mark over the 'c' and 'y'. No other forms
      listed. There were 1065 found. The District of Presov had three towns with
      that name: Presov 75@, Vitaz 58@ and Ovcie 24 @.
      Kollar with check mark dialetic mark ofver the 'a' - 4585 were found. Presov
      63 @, no other listing in the District of Presov
      Strihorviski - no listing.
      Lipjanez - no listing.
      Juricsek - only 6 listings, none living in Eastern Slovakia.
      From these findings I believe you have the correct spelling of the surnames
      in modern times for Cech, Ulicny and Kollar. It was interesting that
      Strihorviski and Lipjanez had no listing. It could well be the family has
      died off. I also tried it with a 'y' on the end, no luck.
      Telephone Directory search:
      Siroke - Chech 10@, Ulicny 2@, Kollar 2@ and Strihorviski 0.
      Lipjanez - 0
      Juricsek - 1, Frantisek Juricsek Vinohradska 1365/6 in Hlohovec 1

      From: sanbreezy
      Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2009 10:27 AM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [S-R] Surnames in Siroka/Pechuifalu, STRIHORVISKI/LIPJANEZ

      Hello again,
      On website cisarik.com (genealogy in eastern slovakia) which list the most
      common/popular Surnames in a village, example(Siroka). I find two Surnames
      listed that look like they could be my ancestors. But, on the roman catholic
      church records I'm viewing for Siroka, Saros look similiar, but different.

      On the cisarik.com website listed our: Èech Èech Èech Èech, Ulièný
      On the church records, looks like: CSEH / CSEK, ULIECNI / ULCSNI.

      Question? Do you think this is the same Surname?
      I know that there is always various ways of spelling first/last names. But I
      m confused. When I put this data in my family tree is it first CECH/ULICNY,
      various spelling CSEH/ULICSNI or the other way around?

      Also, trying to find if you have living relatives still in Slovakia. I
      noticed you can look up in the Slovakia directory on the internet. But, I
      don't seem to have any luck with that.

      Can anyone till me if I may have living ancestors with Surnames of: LIPJANEZ
      JURICSEK in now Pecovska Nova Ves, Slovakia, and/or Surnames of: CSEH/CECH?
      ULCSNI/ULICNY?, KOLLAR, STRIHORVISKI in now Siroke, Slovakia?

      Sorry this is so long, Thank you so much!

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