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  • Frank Kurchina
    ... that he was ... Moravitz, ... Francis ... it that ... austria-hungary ... arrived ... his name is ... of my ... Kamenic^any (Sv) Kamenicsán (H) is located
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 13, 2000
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com, "Bruce Bagin" <bbagin@h...> wrote:
      > Many thanks to Ken Sadjak.
      > He found my grandfather's Petition for naturalization. It shows
      he was
      > born in Kamenicany, Hungary and that my grandmother came from
      > Hungary. Anyone know where these are? He renounced allegiance to
      > Joswph emperor of austria and apostolic King of Hungary, so I take
      it that
      > slovakia was at that time [May 23, 1914] a part of the
      > empire. He emigrated from Bremen Germany on february 15, 1902, and
      > in Baltimore, MD on March 2, 1902, on the Ship Breslau. Although
      name is
      > Karol, his petition lists his name as Chali.
      > His certificate of Naturalization number is 410143.
      > How do I find the ship documents and the birt and baptismal records
      of my
      > grandparents?
      > Bruce Bagin
      > 312 Boulevard of the Allies,#600
      > Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1923
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      > email bagin@d...

      Kamenic^any (Sv) Kamenicsán (H) is located 75 miles NE
      of Bratislava and near Slávnica in western Slovakia.

      The LDS-Mormons have filmed the R.C. parish church records
      (1700-1896) for Bolesov, Slovakia, formerly Bolesó, Trencsén,
      Hungary. Includes affiliated towns of Slavnica, Podhorie, Sedmerovce
      and Kamenicany, Slovakia, formerly Szlavnicza, Podhorje,
      and Kamenicsán in Trencsén county, Hungary.
      Text in Latin and Hungarian.

      Location of Morawitz (German) is more difficult.
      Several places in Czech-Bohemia named Moravice that were once called
      Or some other location in now Slovakia ?

      Given Hungarian name Karoly is Karol in Slovak and Charles in English.
      Expect Chali was an attempt at Charley ?

      My GF's naturalization papers contained about a dozen errors;
      including wrong ship, wrong country, wrong town of origin, and listed
      his 5 children as all born on same day and month, but in different
      In addition, GF supposedly renounced allegiance to the German Kaiser
      Wilhelm II when it was actually the Emperor Francis Joseph I as you
      The listener (clerk) usually wrote down what he thought he heard the
      immigrant say in response to his questions and nobody checked.
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