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Re: [S-R] need for I.D. when searching

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  • Peter Nagy
    Dear Tom, The Register Obyvatel ov SR in Banska Bystrica is a central register of all Slovak inhabitants who have permanent residence in Slovakia. This is a
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 17, 2009
      Dear Tom,

      The "Register Obyvatel'ov SR" in Banska Bystrica is a central register
      of all Slovak inhabitants who have permanent residence in Slovakia. This
      is a public register, thus it is not necessary to show your kinship to
      the searched person, but you have to state the reason of your inquiry.
      The written query must include the full name of the searched person and
      its birth date and a Slovak duty (fiscal) stamp, the register will
      return you the present postal address.

      As Michel wrote you, the online phone directory is a very useful tool, I
      compiled hints how to use it:

      By searching of living relatives there is another public database -
      Slovak land register including all real estate owners in Slovakia. The
      land registers returns even the birth data of the owners. Practically
      each adult Slovak citizen owns some real estate.
      Visit my tutorial
      in order to learn how to search there

      Good luck


      Tom Geiss wrote:
      > I want to touch on the matter of finding LIVING RELATIVES in Slovakia,
      > and privacy concerns, When I wrote to Bratislava a year or so ago
      > looking for someone in the 20th century, among other answers, they
      > directed me to send my application to,
      > "Register Obyvatel'ov SR" in Banska Bystrica, even though I was
      > looking for something in Spisska Nova Ves. I looked up, and
      > (Obyvatel'ov means something to do with "Inhabitant".)
      > Now, what I would like to know is HOW MUCH I.D. AND WHAT KIND do I
      > need to prove that I am indeed a relative of the one that I am seeking
      > information about??
      > Also, I've tried another tack, namely, sending a letter to people in
      > Spisska Nova Ves, or nearby, (in my broken Slovak) enclosing my
      > grandma's pedigree which I got from the archives; also included the
      > information that I was able to read on the microfilm from LDS.
      > trying to jog peoples' memory regarding my lost family. The
      > information I have is that they ( GURKO PASTOREK,, KOCIS, TEKELY,
      > ETC,) had their farm taken away , either at the time of World War 1,
      > or maybe earlier?? Of course, everybody over here that gave that
      > information is now deceased. Maybe even the baptismal Godparents might
      > have some passed down memories of my family's travails.??
      > Tom
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