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  • Michael Mojher
    Basia, I sent along the surnames in the two Ruska Vola. Since your surname appears in Ruska Vola nad Popradom I would suggest this is the one you should
    Message 1 of 34 , Mar 1, 2009
      I sent along the surnames in the two Ruska Vola. Since your surname appears in Ruska Vola nad Popradom I would suggest this is the one you should investigate.
      Some information about Ruska Vola nad Popradom. The "nad Popradom" was added in the 1960's so it would not be confused with the other one. The population in Dec. 2007 was 104 with 53 houses. Of those 87% were Greek Catholic and 11 % Roman Catholic. The Birth Register Office is in the village of Orlov. The Post Office Code is 065 42. The telephone area code is 052.
      I found this website that has a picture of the church there, from its cross one can tell it is a Greek Catholic church - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Rusk%C3%A1_Vo%C4%BEa_nad_Popradom
      There is also a picture of City Hall. This is a website with some basic information about the village - http://www.e-obce.sk/obec/ruskavolanadpopradom/ruska-vola-nad-popradom.html Note: the post office is in the town of Circ, that is why by the town symbol the address is given as 065 42 Circ.
      The following is a list of Kravec names found in the online telephone directory for the area code 052:

      Kravec Andrej Kyjov 86, Kyjov
      Kravec Emil Sarisské Jastrabie 38, Sarisské Jastrabie
      Kravec Ivan Lubotín 84, Lubotín
      Kravec Ján Circ 179, Circ
      Kravec Jozef Lubotín 198, Lubotín
      Kravec Jozef Lubotín 150, Lubotín
      Kravec Milan Circ 276, Circ
      Kravec Stanislav Hlavná 118, Lubotín
      Kravec Stefan Jánovce 89, Jánovce
      Kravec Vladimír Rázusova 2677/6, Poprad

      The villages of Circ, Lubotin, Kyjov and Sarisske Jastrabie are close to one another. They are all within nine miles of one another.
      Kravec had 273 listing in the online directory. It is not an unusual surname.
      I was able to find a listing for the village in the FHC catalog. Circ does have records from 1758. It could be that its Greek Catholic church was the one used by your family.

      From: pabasia
      Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2009 2:00 PM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [S-R] Re: Fw: Ruska Vola

      Hello Caye,

      Thank you for your help. I am sending this to introduce myself, I
      hope this is proper.
      I started genealogy four years ago looking for information on my
      motoher who was born in 1915 in Ruska Vola. She was turning 90 and I
      wanted to do something which I thought would be special. As it
      turned out I found very little, but continued doing her years in the
      US. She never wanted to talk about her early years as she said they
      were very painful and she didn't want to have to think about it.
      Gradually since then and while going through some of her papers I did
      find a birth her certificate and a naturalization paper of her
      father. I did find the Ellis Island manifest of her and her mother
      when they returned to the states, however I never found the original
      manifest for her mother when she first came or for her father for
      that matter. I found a 1910 census of her father prior to the
      marriage, and a 1920 census, that's it.
      A few weeks ago I tried again to get informaation, and after getting
      a little help she just stopped and said she didn't want to talk about
      it anymore.
      I have no idea what her mother's parents names were, her mother was
      Mary Kravec and she said she thinks her grandmother's name was Helen
      Gladic, Gladish or Gladis or something like that and she thinks her
      grandfathers name was (maybe)Michael Kravec. On the birth
      certificate it says her mother was Maria father Mihaly Csupinka (he
      was from Lebuchow, Galicia. I know her mother had 7 siblings. I
      have no idea when her mother was born, but she did marry in the US
      before she went back to take care of her sick mother. I have had no
      luck finding my grandparents marriage record here. Seems like the
      church they married in had problems and a group broke away and formed
      another church. Don't know what happened to their records, the
      original church says they don't have them. How well they searched
      I'll never know, they responded in less than a min.
      I would like to find the name of the church in Ruska Vola and
      possibly contact them or even better to be in touch with a relative
      there.(with computers it is possible, someone from Poland contacted
      me about my father's side) As far as I know, there is only one other
      living child of my grandmothers siblings here in the US who would
      know anything but she says she doesn't.
      I do not speak, read or understand Slovak, and, although my mother
      does, she tells me to leave it alone. I know there must be deep dark
      secrets which she doesn't want brought up again........
      I did find a website with two Ruska Vola's and they listed names,
      only one listed Kravec.
      I hope I have given enough information, some of this I already
      mentioned in my pervious note.
      Thank you again.
      -- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Caye Caswick <ccaswick@...> wrote:
      > I'm helping Basia subscribe to our group, she was having some
      trouble; in the meanwhile I told her I'd forward her message and
      notify the group to look out for further information from her
      regarding her ancestry (surnames, religion, etc.).
      > I was able to determine that there are at least two Ruska Vola
      locations in Slovakia --
      > --- On Fri, 2/27/09, pabasia <toomanycrafts@...> wrote:
      > From: pabasia <toomanycrafts@...>
      > Subject: Ruska Vola
      > To: "Caye Caswick" <ccaswick@...>
      > Date: Friday, February 27, 2009, 2:29 PM
      > Hello,
      > I just joined the Yahoo Slovak group. I am a little confused, no,
      > confused as to how to post a question. I am interested in Ruska
      > but know nothing about the village or the which one (it looks like
      > there is more than one) is the one I am interest in.
      > The only information I have is a birth certificate of my mother from
      > 1915 that says Ruska Vola. I have no idea of her mothers birth date
      > but think I know her parents names and do know her siblings names. I
      > would like to contact the church and know the proper procedure in
      > getting records of my mothers family.
      > I am very sorry to bother you personally but I do need advise on the
      > proper way to post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      > Basia
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    • Charlotte Conjelko
      Basia, I was just clearing out old emails and found yours.  Did you every hear from anyone named Conjelko other than me about Anna Chupinka?  Unfortunately,
      Message 34 of 34 , May 1, 2009
        I was just clearing out old emails and found yours.  Did you every hear from anyone named Conjelko other than me about Anna Chupinka?  Unfortunately, neither my husband know anything about his aunt-by-marriage.

        --- On Mon, 3/2/09, pabasia <toomanycrafts@...> wrote:

        From: pabasia <toomanycrafts@...>
        Subject: [S-R] Re: Fw: Ruska Vola
        To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Monday, March 2, 2009, 7:25 PM

        Hello Charlotte,
        If you would like to see if your cousins know of my family that would
        be very nice, and I would appreciate it. I do know my grandfather had
        a sister Julia, and Mary and a brother named Nicholas. Also you can
        give them my e-mail address if you like.
        - In SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. com, Charlotte Conjelko
        <charr61pribish@ ...> wrote:
        > Basia,
        > My husband's uncle Steve CONJELKO married Anna CHUPINKA from Windber,

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