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Re: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Zborov RC church records

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  • John Cerul
    Thank you to the Group for the replies, I have answered direct replies separately The listings I mentioned originally were in the 1881-1883 time period and
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 9, 2000
      Thank you to the Group for the replies,

      I have answered direct replies separately

      The listings I mentioned originally were in the 1881-1883 time
      period and were on Hungarian forms, but I think the Slovak
      priests were resisting the changeover to the Hungarian
      language. I have since found what I think is the marriage
      entry for my GGF and GGM. It was in 1874 and was in Latin,
      so that this time period was a time of transition. Additionally
      although the surname is Cziruly instead of Czeruly his given
      name is Athanasius instead of Janos it is the only surname
      that comes close, in the 1870-1880 time frame. GGM's
      name and age is a match. Now I have to wait until the 22nd
      to get back to the films at the FHC to find GGM's birth.
      additionally GGF's town is listed as Pitrova which is the
      Rusyn spelling of Petrova.

      In addition, I had given the wrong direction for Petrova from
      Smilno. It's West not East. I promise to stand in the correct
      town the next time that I figure the direction.

      Maura, I have found one mistake in the records so far..
      The Greek Catholic records for the town of Hutka are listed
      as being Roman Catholic. But the cover of the book plainly
      is Greek Catholic. I will forward this to Salt Lake.

      Thanks again all

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      I use those Zborov records periodically. Generally they are well written
      and easy to use.

      Much depends tho on the priest who wrote the entries in terms of
      handwriting and how they recorded the names. Even the same priest will
      spell the names differently if you look at enough birth, marriage and
      death entries for a family over time. (You should see how they mangled
      NECHASEK, which is the main surname I am looking for there, I think at
      last county I had 6 different spellings.) I wouldn't get too hung up on
      it, tho I do usually note in the notes of my PAF how the name was
      spelled just to make it easier for family members who may use my data in
      50 years :)

      Usually a note after a parents name or a bride/grooms name indicates
      where they were born or at least where they came from. I'd say what you
      are looking at is a location.

      As for the RK vs. GK, I have come across one mistake like that in those
      records in my family too. Maybe the priest just wrote fast that day. To
      my knowledge, only Roman Catholic records are on those films, at least
      the 3 I looked at.

      Hope this helps.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
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