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    Hi Bruce, I just wanted to say I know your frustration only to well! I am trying to research my husband s family of which, to the best of our knowledge his
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2000
      Hi Bruce,
      I just wanted to say I know your frustration only to well!
      I am trying to research my husband's family of which, to the best of our
      knowledge his generation is the oldest living, so we have no relatives to
      ask questions about the past. One dear elderly aunt tried to help but now
      she she's gone as well, having died early June of this year.
      Both my husband's paternal grandparents (surnames: MRAZIK and KOTES) claimed
      to be Slovaks from Czech. They arrived separately in the early 1900's
      (before 1910) and settled in Milwaukee, WI. They married in 1913. The 1920
      Milwaukee, WI census listed the grandparents as having immigrated 1902 and
      1905 and naturalization as 1915, however the elderly aunt ( born in 1914
      Milwaukee, daughter of this couple) said that information is incorrect
      "because she remembers the naturalization celebration". To make matters
      worse we don't live near WI and find it very difficult to obtain information
      from afar from that state (unlike other states) and if that wasn't bad
      enough our local FHC staff is in training and are of no help finding
      My husband attended St. Catherine's and tells me his basketball team played
      St. Stephen's team. That time period would have been about 1967-1968. He
      also tells me he walked to St. Stephen's. Not sure why I'm telling you
      this - guess I'm hoping it might help you in someway and thinking that if
      St. Stephen's was that close (that he could walk) and if your family were
      Slovak, then it is possible that these families might have known each other,
      especially if both families were members of the same Slovak organizations.
      Also our families immigration time frame is close enough to make me wonder
      if they might have arrived on the same vessel.(??)
      Good luck with your search!
      Peggy Mrazik

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      > Ihave an aunt an uncle but all of my efforts to find out any information

      > from them has failed. I notice from the death certificate that my father
      > provided the information, but he died of congestive heart failure in 1968
      > age 52. My grand mother died of a stroke secondary to athrosclerosis.
      > my brother and I have had coronary artery bypass surgery. He at age 40
      > me at age 50.
      > My aunt and uncle tell the same story that their parents were silent on
      > their life in the old country. My aunt didn't know her grandparents
      > neither of their parents spoke of them.
      > the 1920 census shows that they immigrated to the US in 1904 from
      > austria-hungary and were naturalized in 1916. Nara can't find any record
      > them.
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