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  • Ben Sorensen
    To add in here... Tax and Census info should always be taken with a grain of salt (and an aspirin!) since they both affected how much a person PAID OUT.  Like
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2009
      To add in here...
      Tax and Census info should always be taken with a grain of salt (and an aspirin!) since they both affected how much a person PAID OUT.  Like all of us, they tried to find ways to save money, and not paying due tax was a very popular way of saving money.  Parish records and inventories/last wills and testaments will give you much more relaible dates and information on wealth (the dead rarely lied... as third parties created the inventories and witnessed them.  A civil death certificate will of be very wrong for an immigrant. I was looking through some Census info, and my subject was getting younger each time... :-P
      I just was working on a German family, and found a Minnesota declaration of intent to apply for citizenship- the lady's place of birth was "Eberstadt, Wittburg." This place doesn't exist- but Eberstadt is in Wurttemburg! This is just one example of mistakes that always crop up...

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      Couple of quick thoughts before I head off to work.

      1. Some members, sometimes having the time, enjoy helping others hunt. If
      you provide the name, the estimated year of birth, ethnicity, estimated
      year of arrival, place of origin/village, expected destination, name
      variations others might be willing to join in the hunt.

      2. Have you considered WARCHOLA? I'm not following your search too
      closely, as I'm fairly swamped right now, but it's possible it was a
      village close to the Poland border and picked up a transliteration.

      3. Have your pursued "looks like" searches in the database. That is,
      scribbles that look like letters they are not? 'ui" becomes 'w' for
      example? Are you looking at the original handwritten manifests and not
      the typewritten entries in the database?

      Old dates can be waaaay off. Never assume you've got the right date,
      unless you can corroborate it independently. Tombstone and death
      certificate dates are most often wrong. Many people simply didn't know
      (or care about their birth year). And in society at the time, it didn't
      matter much. Not until Social Security came along did it really matter.
      Then, you're asking people to remember back 50, 60 years... you know how
      that goes! Thus, giving yourself a lot of leeway, +-5 years at least,
      +-10 years is better.

      It's funny looking at the US census. Over 40 years of census, ,my
      grandmother always cited her birth year consistently the same. My GF
      always got it wrong. 4 census, 4 different birth years. All his other
      documents have differnt years too. You see this often with MEN!

      If you can find old documents, closer to the event (such as immigration
      records) you have a better chance of getting the correct data, if at all


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      Subject: [S-R] Re: I'm a new mwmber and wanted to say hi
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      Date: Sun, January 4, 2009 7:42 pm
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      I want to thank everyone for there suggestions on finding my
      grandmothers immigration record. I have used Steve Morse' website,
      FHL, Ellis Island and others and just cannot find it. I have searched
      for this on and off for many years. I let it go and do other research
      and always come back hoping there will be new records available and
      that I will find it.

      My mother, Mary Varhola Welton, is the daughter of Anna Plavcan and I
      always wanted to find this and get the certificate from Ellis Island
      for her. My mother is now 92 and is still hoping I can find this, I
      will keep searching.

      I have often wondered it the dates I have are wrong and after reading
      below I start thinking that if she had her first child in 1916 and
      came in 1906, where was she for 10 years? My mothers tells me that
      she spent a short time working in New Jersey and then an uncle
      arranged a marriage for her probably in 1915-16 ( should get a copy
      of that record). From what I know it would have been very hard for a
      young woman to support herself for that period of time, and her
      uncles certainly did not want to take care of her.

      I am not writing this search off yet and am open to any suggestions

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