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Re: [S-R] Papst on EI

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    Here is the boarding manifest for the same ship...Im wondering if it would be possible that Engelsberg might have been a rendezvous point where everyone
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      Here is the boarding manifest for the same ship...Im wondering if it would be possible that "Engelsberg" might have been a rendezvous point where everyone gathered then left from there and traveled to Antwerp, Belgium as a group to board the ship ...The arrival doc shows that most of the people were from Austria.....and another thing, if you look at this boarding manifest you will see that my great grandmother's name on line 1 is spelled Papst...but if you scroll over to box 16 it says that she was traveling to meet up with her husband (Not sure what his name it on this document, but it looks like short for Heinrich or Henry for short and his last name is spelled PABST) this is an assumption on my part, but to me it seems as the porter was filling out the document, my great grandmother spotted the misspelled last name and must have corrected him when he wrote her husband down......and there is something crossed out...this says, or used to say Bayonne New
      Jersey...if you look at the 1910 and 1920�census for Bayonne new jersey you will find them living there....Gustav was my grandfather, his wife My Grandmother was Lillian Bertha Jeorger from Staten Island New York...there is a censusthat shows Gustav, Lillian, and Richard (Their youngest son that was killed when he was struck by a car in 1936) ...the houshold they were living in was owned by Lillian's sister and her husband Raymond and Anna Lake...you will see that her father George Joerger was living with them as well.


      19 Nov 1897

      Mar 1964


      (none specified)




      09 Sep 1903

      16 Feb 1998 (V)

      92648 (Huntington Beach, Orange, CA)

      (none specified)


      I have been unable to find Phillip or Heinrich or any of their families....Im guessing they must have died befor 1962 when the SSDI started. Here is a Fred Pabst.


      25 Oct 1906

      11 Dec 1997 (V)

      07044 (Verona, Essex, NJ)

      (none specified)


      New Jersey

      Here is Francis Pabst, the father of the one I spoke to in Pennsylvainia.


      02 Nov 1915

      12 Aug 1996 (V)

      18436 (Lake Ariel, Wayne, PA)

      (none specified)


      New Jersey
      When I talked to Francis II in Arial Lake, Pennsylvainia he spoke of Rose Pabst living in Palm Beach, Florida. If this truly was one of Gustav�s sisters then she was the last surviving aunt. Too bad I didn�t make a trip to Florida to talk with her. Francis told me that she was a bit old, but still sharp as a tack at the time.


      27 Nov 1905

      27 Jul 2006 (V)

      33417 (West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL)

      (none specified)


      1984 was approxamatly the time I remember my dad mentioning the death of his �Aunt Tilly� or �Matilda� We were living in Yorba Linda at the time. We�lived at that particular house from 1977 or 78 until 1985 or 86� This could be the Matilda he was talking about under her married name.


      01 Jun 1912

      Jul 1984

      07657 (Ridgefield, Bergen, NJ)

      07657 (Ridgefield, Bergen, NJ)


      Boarding Manifest for WESTERNLAND

      Here is the only Photo i have of Gustav Pabst, this was taken at my parents wedding on July 21, 1961 in California (I think it was near Redondo Beach)....From Left to right: Gustav, Lillian, and Robert Pabst, Carole, Lucille, and George Spignard

      Durring WWII Gustav, Lillian, Robert, and Joyce moved to California because Gutav landed some sort of civillian contract with the US NAVY working somewhere near Terminal Island. My dad claims they were living in Navy housing. I still have not been able to find any records of this claim ....Gustav does not have a middle name and he does not have an E at the end of his name either....on some of the Census records that I have seen they spell his name Gustoph or Gustave...but he was known to everyone as just GUS..my dad told me that many document he would sign his name Gus Pabst....

      I see alot of other Pabsts in the same areas but names I dont recognize ..Im getting the feeling that Henry my great grandfather might have had a brother or sister that came over the the US with him ...these might be his bother's descendants..but i have not proved this theory as of yet ...I was told that Henry made�several trips back and fourth to the US before he paid to have�my great grandmother and 3 sons make the trip..I have�yet to find any evidence of his arrivals or departures .......Im getting the feeling he�may have traveled under an alias or he didnt land�directly in the US ..Im thinking he might have come down through Canada or he could have come in some other port like Texas or Lausianna or Boston too....�

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      >>> ship manifest arriving Dec 21 1899..the ship name is the Red Star
      Lines WESTERNLAND from Antwerp - New York Harbor ....My great
      grandmother is on it and her name is spelled Papst ...she is there
      along with my grandfather Gustav and his 2 brothers Phillip and
      Heinrich <<<

      I see it as Engelsberg, Austria. Engelsberg is a populated place in
      Nieder�sterreich, which is a region of Austria.

      places near Engelsberg, Austria :
      // 1.2km to Au // 1.2km to Bruckbach // 1.2km to Rosenau // 2.2km to
      Adersdorf // 2.2km to Biberbach // 2.2km to Kaltaigen // 2.2km to Sankt
      Georgen in der Klaus // 3.7km to Kiking // 3.1km to B�hlerwenk // 3.1km
      to Gleiss // 3.1km to Hilm // 3.1km to Sonntagberg //

      Linz is located 47.2 km north west of Engelsberg.

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