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RE: [S-R] Machut

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  • Lisa Marzonie
    Uh, I m somewhat lost. I didn t ask anything about a Machut(ova). Perhaps that was someone else s post. I only mentioned Macura as that was my husband s
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2008
      Uh, I'm somewhat lost. I didn't ask anything about a Machut(ova). Perhaps that was someone else's post. I only mentioned Macura as that was my husband's family's name--and I mentioned some other names which were connected through marriages or whatever. Our primary ancestral name was Macura, so the fact that there are ANY Macura/Macurovas listed is very good news for us.

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      > Unfortunately, I have just picked up on this thread. But I have this for this page.
      > Sarriske Jastrabie is familiar to me since I drive through it on the way to my ancestral village of Hromos not far away.
      > http://www.cisarik.com/map-8c.html is a page of a map Eastern Slovakia that you can click on the name of a village and get information. On the Sarriske Jastrabie page two current surnames there are Macura and Macurova. There is a list of surnames from the 1822 Greek Catholic church, it lists a Macsur. This seems to confirm your husband may still have family there.
      > I did not understand what is being asked about Machut(ova). Which seems to be a surname and not a village name. The Fuzzy Gazetteer for Macura only offered Magura, Slovakia. Which is much further south than Sarriske Jastrabie.
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      >>>> My husband's family was actually Macura (I'm not certain if that's
      > supposed to be MaƇura---I think it is pronounced "matzura"
      > or "Makzura") Anyway, they were from Sarriske Jastrabie.<<<
      > Closest I could find was Machut(ova). However, these seem not to be
      > near S'arriske Jastrabie.
      > Ellis Island shows Macut from Macuti, in Croatia.
      > I love a mystery.
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