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Dukla Pass - July Presentation in Pittsburgh - a report

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    A number of people have inquired about my presentation last Saturday at CR-S Pittsburgh. It was chatted about in Slovak-World, I ve tried to keep this list
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2008
      A number of people have inquired about my presentation last Saturday
      at CR-S Pittsburgh. It was chatted about in Slovak-World, I've tried
      to keep this list focused on Genealogy, however there was a lot of
      genealogy "fallout" if you will. So bear with me, I have copied the
      cogent results of the S-W discussion here.


      # DUKLA PASS LECTURE NOTES The Pittsburgh chapter of the
      Carpatho-Rusyn Society graciously hosted my lecture and slide
      presentation about the significant 1944 BATTLE OF THE DUKLA PASS in
      July, 2008. The event took place at the Carpatho-Rusyn Society
      National Cultural Center in Munhall
      http://www.carpathorusynsociety.org/munhall.html . The Pittsburgh
      Tribune-Herald reported on the lecture.
      You can find the LECTURE NOTES here

      Hi Gil,
      Thank you for your kind thoughts. It was simply terrific to meet you
      and the whole Carpatho-Rusyn Society group. What a friendly,
      interesting, knowledgeable group of people.

      We had may folks outside of the CR-S and genealogy circles in

      I was pleased and impressed with what the Pittsburgh environs had to
      offer. The pirogies, church liturgy and museums were a definite
      highlight. I should write up a "trip" report, as I believe a "tourist
      guide to Pittsburgh" for those with immigrant ancestors would be
      It was quite interesting to see the remaining steel mills and the
      commerce in coal in the towns of Homestead and Munhall and nearby. I
      have never seen so many immigrant churches so tight to each other. In
      one Munhall neighborhood, there are five churches within the same block.

      This is all a big deal for me because my grandparents moved away from
      the major immigrant settlements and then my parents moved further. So
      to see all the dirt with the good was very instructive to me.

      The church service at St. Nicholas Russian-Orthodox (Rusyn) in
      Homestead was simply incredible. One of the best choirs I have EVER heard,
      coordinated with the church bells. Their iconostasis was very
      beautiful and the congregation and priest very welcoming. Even new
      immigrants attend here today! You should go even if you are not Orthodox.

      For those with a specific interest in wooden churches, the St.
      Nicholas Chapel in Beaver is a must-see, if you don't think you'll
      ever get to East Slovakia to see one first hand. It's relatively new,
      but it is incredibly true to originals. Two of the three sections are
      inspired from my grandparent's churches of Zboj and Nova Sedlica, both
      which I've seen personally.

      I'm certainly willing to present the Dukla story elsewhere, upon
      request, I love to promote awareness our ancestor's lands. It's a
      labor of love, I still keep my day job!
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