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RE: [S-R] Re: Diacritics

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  • Margo Smith
    Dobre rano Ben and Everyone   Ben, I use Family Tree Maker to generate pedigree charts, but we all know that FTM doesn t accept all SK diacritics.  One kind
    Message 1 of 28 , Jun 28, 2008
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      Dobre rano Ben and Everyone

      Ben, I use Family Tree Maker to generate pedigree charts, but we all know that FTM doesn't accept all SK diacritics.� One kind of chart it generates is called an hourglass, which includes ancestors as well as descendants of a particular person.

      My copy of FTM came to me as a gift 5 years ago so I don't know what my friend paid, but my recollection is that the price is < $100.� Perks?� What do you mean by that?� The new version of FTM (I think 2008) came out last fall and has a bug which the company does not intend to correct:� I am told that when importing data from previous versions surnames with suffixes (e.g., Senior, Junior), the program does not do it correctly.

      Another quirk of FTM is that if a surname has an alias, e.g. Hlavnya alias Vozzar, FTM will index it under the alias instead of the surname.� And in the index, the surnames beginning with S with macken are all listed after S with no diactiric.

      Your test characters came through fine but do not seem to include e with acute accent, as in Dubove and Slovenske Pravno, which both have the accent.

      I'm getting so confused, I'm ready to pour myself a cold glass of Zlaty Bazant (except that it is too early in the morning for pivo!).� Yes, I'm sure it makes a difference for people who use Mac, XP, or Vista.� Just because yahoo does something, that does not mean that�something else, like FTM, will also do it.

      Now that I am near the conclusion of my Slovak project, except for maintenance, I am dealing with the diacritic problem differently than I would if I were just starting out.� I use FTM for ancestral and descent charts�� Fortunately, there are few words which require c with macken -- the other diacritics I need I can cut and paste from Word.� Those charts can not be cut and pasted into Word.� So cut and paste works one way (into FTM)�but not the reverse (into Word).� I will scan the charts and insert them into a large Word document.� As for the family group sheet charts, I am re-typing them in Word.� Ouch!� However, this solves several problems (1) diacritics, because there are more c with macken on these charts, (2)� being able to differentiate births from baptisms and deaths from burials on�each chart as appropriate, (3) saves paper and looks more uniform with the narrative descriptions of the 95 family groups.

      Happy weekend, everyone.


      --- On Tue, 6/24/08, Ben Sorensen <cerrunos1@...> wrote:

      From: Ben Sorensen <cerrunos1@...>
      Subject: RE: [S-R] Re: Diacritics
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 3:51 PM

      Dobry den Margo and everyone,
      How much does that program cost and what are its perks?� I am scratching my head over the fact that it will not take "foreign" characters- But then does yahoo in plaintext? I was thinking of giving it a try- as I use a different regional setting for English, Slovak, Czech, and German. (I learned to type on both qwerty and qwertz keyboards, and some special characters take a touch of hunting for-especially in German.)
      So consider this a test. I am going to send us special charachters and let me know if you guys can see them! If not, just erase this from your email, but we will see if this will make name-writig on this forum more "interesting. " :-)
      Slovak ������������������
      Czech +����������������
      German ��������

      Like I said, I have turned off the formatting on my yahoo, and this looked just fine on my end. Let's see what happens when it gets put into the wash!
      --- On Tue, 6/24/08, Margo Smith <margolane61@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      From: Margo Smith <margolane61@ yahoo.com>
      Subject: RE: [S-R] Re: Diacritics
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008, 9:59 PM

      Dobre den, Everyone

      I apologize for the delay in my reply.� I was tending to my vegetable garden, a good Slovak activity, and visiting a Slovak friend in the hospital.� And I thank you for your helpful replies.

      Yes, Bill, I contacted FTM twice about this.� They told me that they only support the Western European character set.� I agree that all the "foreign characters should be an essential component of any genealogy program."� After all, most of us are descendants of immigrants, and not all from English speaking places.

      Yes, Polly, ultimately I will upgrade my FTM, after I personally check that all the Slovak diacritics I need work.� I'll probably leap to a major upgrade of hardware, XP to Vista, FTM and other software, etc. at the same time.

      In the meantime, my system is not very efficient, but it works.


      --- On Mon, 6/23/08, Bill Tarkulich <bill.tarkulich@ iabsi.com> wrote:

      From: Bill Tarkulich <bill.tarkulich@ iabsi.com>
      Subject: RE: [S-R] Re: Diacritics
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Monday, June 23, 2008, 4:27 AM

      Hello Margo,
      What does the publisher of FTM have to say about all of this? I presume you
      paid good money for this program. You at least deserve their help. Foreign
      characters should be an essential component of any genealogy program.

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      Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008 11:42 AM
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. com
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Re: Diacritics

      The c with caron in Family Tree Maker�remains elusive after following Bill's

      Bill, FTM accepts some of the Slovak characters but not the c with caron.�
      Your foreign language character�guidelines� at iabsi gives the example of c
      with the little v is produced by typing the number key 4.� When I do that, I
      get e with accent grave.� Using your upper case example I get AE.

      All of the Slovak characters work correctly in Microsoft Word.

      This is a�particularly� vexing problem�for me because my husband's roots are
      deep�in Turciansky Dur and Turciansky Michal.� So I use that c with caron a

      Next stop are Gordon's alt key codes and Sue's links.� Thanks for your


      --- On Sat, 6/21/08, Sue <sueseyes@sbcglobal . net> wrote:

      From: Sue <sueseyes@sbcglobal . net>
      Subject: [S-R] Re: Diacritics
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Saturday, June 21, 2008, 10:24 AM

      Hi Margo,

      Found these diacritics sites for windows. Hope these help.

      International Accent Marks and Diacriticals
      http://www.starr. net/is/type/ altnum.htm

      Windows - Alt Key Numeric Codes
      (http://tlt.its. psu.edu/suggesti ons/internationa l/accents/ codealt.html

      Don't be afraid, cemetery ghosts are only genealogists with lanterns.
      Ancestor Hunters Genealogy Group
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/ancestorhu nters/

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. com, Margo Smith <margolane61@ ...>
      > Among this group of experts, I hope there is someone who can point
      me in the right direction.
      > �
      > I use Family Tree Maker (version 9 or 10) and have had great
      difficulty with Slovak diacritics on the names of people and places.�
      Twice I contacted Family Tree Maker, who tole me that they do not
      support Slovak diacritics.� I discovered that it is possible to cut
      and paste MOST of the Slovak diacritics from Word into Family Tree
      Maker.� However, c with caron seems impossible.� I asked about this
      at the CSI conference in Madison last October.� and I also asked my
      computer wizard friends.� None of them have been able to do this
      > �
      > My husband believes that one should be able to make a macro
      consisting of c backspace caron, although we don't know how to do it.
      (As opposed to using the ASCII code for the symbol of c with caron,
      which is what I tried to do.)
      > �
      > Have any of you been able to solve this problem?� Thank you for any
      insight you might have on this problem.
      > �
      > Margo
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