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Re: [S-R] Re: Adam Theorum & The Railroads, Et Cetera

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  • Tom Geiss
    I do not know any more about the Adam Theorem than I know about Einstein s Relativity Theory, but I know that there was another revolution in Slovakia, and
    Message 1 of 4 , May 31, 2008
      I do not know any more about the " Adam Theorem" than I know about Einstein's Relativity Theory, but I know that there was another revolution in Slovakia, and other places, called Communism, that caused most of my relatives to "relocate", and may very well still be in hiding, for fear that the monster will return. Maybe , just maybe, they don't even want ME to find them.
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      Well, I'll take a bit at starting the conversation.

      1. The Adam theory was founded based on records since the railroads
      were built, as well as older records when transportation was by horse,
      foot and coach. The revolution was in 1848 and railroads were being
      built about that time and into hte next half century.

      2. There have always been exceptions since people walk run and move
      about, as with minstrels, soldiers, tinkers, seasonal labor, log
      floaters and migrations to cities for employment. Maids and maidens
      flowed into the cities to replenish the population, as cities
      historically had a higher death rate than reproduction rate.

      3. Life may have revolved around the church, but remember that
      religion was not static and our ancestors were not always saints.
      Teenage hormones were invented long before religion. There were also
      reformations and counter reformations that raged through our lands and
      villages, so belief was not static, and superstition was not unknown.

      4. For a lot of your questions you will have to read a lot of history
      yourself, as values and lifestyles change by region and by time.
      Think of the US and how Canada is not the same as the US, Iowa is not
      the same as California. For military drafts and such, think of how it
      has changed in the US from 1939 through 2008...

      So there is a lot of homework and no simple answer.


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Diana Boggs <ssmudsville@...> wrote:
      > If the railroads opened up Slovakia, Hungary during the mid 1800's,
      combining that fact with the mid 1800's revolution that meant huge
      changes, albeit some were pretty slow, how does the railroad compute
      with the Adam theorum, (people wed one/two villages away primarily)?
      > Does the one/two villages Adam Theorum start before or after the
      revolution. If before how did the scope of ease of transporting
      potential romance change or not after the revolution? Do we correctly
      assume that life revolved around the church until when??? When did the
      church start galvanizing society as a majority? Or were there always
      so many different minorites that society was bound to clash?
      Regardless of how unsoundly governed by Magyars? Was there a
      difference because of the Hungarian tendency of nobles to hang on to
      their privileges and nobility ate, loved, fought differently than the
      more common peoples. Then too how much play did Magyarism play in
      eating, loving & fighting?
      > From what I can tell from history (PLEASE correct me if wrong)
      > Mankind spreads out to eat, fight & love.
      > Diana
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