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Re: [S-R] Re: Listing of village names that had churches

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  • bill.tarkulich@iabsi.com
    There are a couple points about Christian churches and parishes that appear to need clarification. I have not been following this discussion closely, so I may
    Message 1 of 6 , May 23, 2008
      There are a couple points about Christian churches and parishes that appear
      to need clarification. I have not been following this discussion closely,
      so I may be speaking out of context. If so, apologies.

      1. In rural areas (majority of Slovakia), most times there was one
      priest/minister who served two, three or sometimes more villages. This
      collection of villages is known as a "parish." The other villages were
      known as "affiliates."
      2. One priest/minister = one record book. The village where he resided is
      called the "main church". The FHL indexed the book using the "main parish"
      village name, but does NOT consistently call out all affiliated villages.
      As others have stated, a cross-reference created by the State Archives
      serves this purpose.
      3. In my experience, any village that has approximately 300 or more people
      of a particular faith is very likely to have it's own church building, even
      though the priest/minister resides elsewhere.

      Consequentially, you cannot assume that your individual "went to another
      village" to worship. Maybe he did, maybe not. The priest would travel to
      each affiliated village to perform ceremonies and services. However, we do
      not know the specific practice for each priest (i.e., every week, every
      month, only ceremonies, etcetera) so you can never be certain.
      The only thing you can be certain of is that all the records for the main
      and affiliated churches will be found commingled in one book.

      In many cases, for particular village and denomination are scattered amoung
      two, three or four different villages. Each village has a special story to
      tell, it's really not possible to understand why each was disbursed as
      such. We could speculate about war, organization, politics, but I don't
      think you can even find ready generalizations.

      If you are looking for a specific village/denomination, I have a copy of
      the cross reference and would be happy to do a look-up. Maybe, someday,
      someone with a lot of time on their hands would like to transcribe this
      reference, but bear in mind there are over 2500 villages in slovakia and
      several denominations.



      On Fri, 23 May 2008 13:34:46 -0000, "johnqadam" <johnqadam@...>
      >>>> no church records were found on the LDS site. I surmise that the
      > locals attended services in a nearly village but finding these village
      > names during the period is difficult. <<<
      > You surmise correctly. Finding the church is not nearly as difficult as
      > you might think.
      > 1) Locate the village on the old 1910 map at
      > http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/ or on the current map via
      > http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/loctown.htm
      > 2) Having located the village in question, check the villages within
      > walking distance for the church of your choice, RC, GC, etc. on the LDS
      > web site.
      > It's as simple as that.
      > I often use the LDS web site to give me the old village names based on
      > the current name and vice versa.
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