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Re: [S-R] Re: Need Icon pictures!

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  • June McKee
    Andrea, I will see if my mom can get some good pictures of her Icons and I will post them. I didnt realize that there were several churches between Eugene and
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      I will see if my mom can get some good pictures of her Icons and I will post them. I didnt realize that there were several churches between Eugene and Portland I will have to check them out. I bet the Russian lady you speak of and my grandmother fled about the same time. The story that my grandmother had told my mother when she was young about them running to get away with the explosions and gun fire, crossing a river they seen many chinese dead going down the blood filled river and they were all tied together face down by their cues which are the long braids. It was horrifying for her and it just gave me the chills hearing that story. Very sad. I couldnt imaging living in those days and going thru that. How scared they must have been. I wish that I could have talked to my grandmother and been able to document her stories. She died when I was in my early 20's and I was not at that time thinking of doing my family research. I sure missed out on alot by not getting those stories because we were very close and I could have done it easily.

      Well keep sharing your stories and take care


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      From: Andrea Vangor
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      How fascinating, June. There are several Orthodox churches in Oregon, mostly between Eugene and Portland. I hope you can find one for a visit. It would be great if you could photograph your grandmother's icons and share them. I knew a Russian lady about thirty years ago, whose family had fled through Harbin, China. Perhaps that is the route your family took.
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      From: June McKee
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      I find this subject also interesting, my mother is Russian and was raised in the Orthodox church in San Francisco. Her mother fled from Russia with herr mother and a brother during the wars in 1904 or there abouts. There are some horrible stories my grandmother told of their journey to either China or Japan and then Hawiai and finally Oakland California. My mother had an uncle which was a Bishop in the Russian Orthadox church in Russia but searching information for that area is not possible so I cant find out much more. There is a Very small church here in Oregon which is about two hours away from me and the only one I have seen in this area. I stoped to go in when passing and there was nowone around but was able to get on their mailing list and recieve information from time to time from the Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center. My mother has three very old Icons which my grandmother brought with her from Russia when she left at the age of 5, I am still holding my b! reath to get one of them. My mom isnt ready to let them go yet. My father is my Slovak side.


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      From: vchromoho
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      Subject: [S-R] Re: Need Icon pictures!

      Hello Linda,

      Thanks for the very interesting information from Slovaktown. I
      collect information about out-of-the-way Carpatho-Rusyn immigrant
      communities in the U.S. I have some sketchy information about an
      Orthodox church in Slovaktown (the only other Orthodox church
      anywhere nearby was in Hartshorne, Oklahoma, not exactly close at
      325 miles away!), but would love to obtain any photographs. I have
      an old article in Russian about an Orthodox bishop's visitation of
      both places circa 1910. The Hartshorne church was also founded by
      Carpatho-Rusyns, and still exists today.

      Is it possible for you to scan these photographs and either post
      them in the files section here or email them to me?

      Thank you!
      Rich Custer

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      > Hello from Arkansas -
      > I am new to the Slovak Roots Group and have not yet had time to
      introduce myself. I am researching the history of the 1894
      settlement of our farming community, Slovak, Arkansas (formerly
      called Slovaktown).
      > Your request for icons interests me because there was a Russian
      Orthodox Church here at that time, but little is known of it's
      history. I have been loaned a picture of the church exterior and
      an interior group photo.
      > Behind the group, is an archway to the altar area with a door on
      either side. Across the wall area and above the doors are what I
      would call icons. On the wall above the altar crucifix is a single
      icon. There are 12 small icons in all. Through the open door to my
      left is a larger picture of Christ praying with the light of God
      shining on him. Most of the icons are not clear but are
      recognizable. This is a good clear picture otherwise. Some
      tapestries are shown also. The church and cemetery are known as
      St. Marys Russian Orthodox . That Church building burned and a
      second one was later built. When the congregation dwindled, the
      building was moved to Stuttgart and still stands as a Hall building
      for the Episcopalian Church.
      > Another church of that time remains. It is Saints Cyril and
      Methodius Catholic Church and cemetery. A former resident has sent
      an icon type picture of Sts. Cyril and Methodius which is displayed
      there. This information may not be of any use to you but I hope
      some of the readers find it interesting . I would like to know
      where to find information to better inform me of this religion.
      > If any of you have ties to the Slovak community here, I would love
      to hear from you.
      > Thank you,
      > Linda Uhiren
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      > Subject: [SPAM][S-R] Need Icon pictures!
      > Our MN Rusin Association is exhibiting once again at the Festival
      of Nations the first weekend in May. This year's theme is Art and
      Architecture and we are featuring the architecture of the wooden
      churches. We have a "mini iconostas" with which we need to furnish
      five icons plus one for behind the "altar table." I am trying to
      find pictures of icons from the same church so that the iconography
      is the same style and preferably a more simple, folk style. The
      pictures must be sharp enough to be blown up so that they fit the
      iconostas. Obviously we will need one of Christ and one of the
      Theotokos and Christ Child. We will have two additional panels and
      would like to have Sts. Cyril and Methodius and St. Nicholas but I
      am not going to be choosy...I will take whatever I can find. Also we
      need the Last Supper and something appropriate to hang behind the
      altar, perhaps the Ascension.
      > If you have taken photos inside one of the wooden churches and are
      willing to share these with us we would greatly appreciate it. I
      have scoured several books and unfortunately most of the pictures
      were either taken from a distance, at an angle or have a lampada
      hanging in front of them.
      > Thank you!
      > Polly Russinik Walker
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