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Re: Next Step?

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  • Frank Kurchina
    ... I started ... to be one ... could give ... Czechoslovakia. ... his ... name ... soon, what is ... there. I ... grandfather and ... George ... ahoj Tom
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2000
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@egroups.com, SalapaT@a... wrote:
      > Now that I finally have some time to seriously dive into research,
      > by sending for my grandfather's SSN application. That turned out
      be one
      > of the best things that I did, since there was no one alive that
      could give
      > me this info.
      > This is what I found out:
      > My grandfather was John Salapa, his place of birth was Lesne,
      > He was born on September 23, 1903 to George and Anna Salapa, and
      > mother's maiden name was Zajac. My father never even heard of this
      > before. It was a new name to begin to search on.
      > My question is, since I will not be going to Slovakia any time
      what is
      > the best course of action to start researching the family line over
      there. I
      > know that my grandfather's family stayed over there, only my
      grandfather and
      > his brother came to America. My father said that his Anna died and
      > remarried, and had more kids, all stayed over there.
      > All suggestions are appreciated.
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Tom Salapa

      ahoj Tom Salapa

      Don't know your surnames.
      This is a long reply.
      Perhaps it will assist other new surname researchers.

      This is what I found out :

      Lesné is located 220 miles ENE of Bratislava and
      6 miles west of Michalovce in eastern Slovakia.

      The Slovakia telephone directory lists 3 surname S^alapa
      (Shalapa) under Lesné and 3 surnames under Michalovce,
      Directory also lists 8 surname Zajac (Zayac) under Michalovce.

      What was surnames religion ?

      The LDS-Mormons has filmed all the parish church records at six
      of the seven regional Slovak State Archives in Slovakia.

      These microfilm reels are available for rental and viewing at any
      Family History Center (FHC) worldwide.
      90% of patrons are non-Mormons doing surname research.

      LDS - Mormon FHCs - LOCATIONS



      Some abbreviations used for various denominations :
      Hungarian English
      rk.-RK. római katholikus Roman Catholic
      gk. GK. görög katholikus Greek Catholic/Byzantine
      kg. KG. keleti görög Greek Oriental (Eastern Orthodox)
      ag. AG. ágostai Evangelical (Lutheran)
      ref. REF. református Reformed (Calvinist)
      izr. IZR. izraelita Israelite (Jewish)

      Church records

      In Slovak the matriky (parish church records)
      Krstení = Baptisms (Christenings)
      Sobás^ení = Marriages
      Zomrelí = Deaths

      In Hungarian the matriky are titled anyakönyvek.

      Kereszteltek Anyakönyve = Baptism Records
      Házasultak Anyakönyve = Marriage Records
      Halottak Anyakönyve = Death Records

      In Latin the matriky are titled matricula.
      Matricula Baptisatorum = Baptism Records
      Matricula Copulatorum = Marriage Records
      Matricula Defunctorum = Death Records

      Records are generally written in Hungarian and Latin/Greek.
      Usually cover the period 1750-1895.

      The LDS-Mormons have filmed G.C. parish church records
      (1811-1938) for Lesné.
      Listed under Pusté C^emerné, formerly Márk-Csemernye,
      Zemplén, Megye (county) Hungary.
      Text in Latin, Hungarian, and Church Slavonic*


      The LDS-Mormons have filmed the R.C. parish church records
      (1790-1922) for Lesné.
      Listed under Niz^ny' Hrus^ov, formerly Alsó-Körtvélyes,
      Zemplén Megye (county), Hungary.
      Text in Latin and Hungarian.

      Happy hunting !
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