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Re: [S-R] Old Photos, rebuilding History

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  • gklodzen@aol.com
    Ron, An excellent idea. Though I suspect there are rather few Old Country photos out there, just one could be of huge importance to family researchers.
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      An excellent idea. Though I suspect there are rather few "Old Country"
      photos out there, just one could be of huge importance to family researchers.
      Perhaps a small collection of them could be developed on the Yahoogroups website
      that hosts this discussion group. Or possibly on Bill Tarkulich's website.
      Anyway, just a thought.

      As for those family photos we do have in our possession, the importance of
      preserving them can not be overstated. They are all special 'moments in time',
      captured on film by those who went before us. We, as their stewards, will of
      course pass them on to future generations. In the meantime, however, digital
      copies can be shared with as many as want to see them.

      Eugene Klodzen

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      rmat@... writes:


      You bring up an interesting point and reminded me about an incident on
      this visit just completed. I was asked if I had any pictures of the
      old Sulinka (Sulin) water spring. This is a nice reversal of the
      typical situation where we come from America and ask the villagers if
      they have any old photos. I have the impression they want to rebuild
      their history and put it in writing as much as we would like to be
      able to read these histories. This ties in well with the current
      village histories that are being written and published.

      So Folks, take another look at those old family photos from the Old
      Country with a new eye. If you have one with old buildings or the
      village in the background, the village may be interested in hearing
      from you. For lack of better ideas I would suggest a 'cold call', an
      email to the village administration (many seem to be on the web today)
      with a low resolution scan of the photo and an offer. eg. "I have this
      photo from ca. 1890 and it appears to show the old main street at that
      time. If you are interested in a high resolution scan, let me know.
      In exchange I would like to know what additional information you can
      tell me about the picture. Reply in Slovak or English, please."

      Who knows what treasures e may have hidden in old photo albums until
      we try.


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      gklodzen@... wrote:
      > Michael,
      > I've learned from a good friend who has family living in village
      Vinne, > focus of my research, that the house numbering system there
      has changed perhaps > four or more times since the 1880s, so while it
      MIGHT be the same structure, > the "House Number 72", which I saw in
      a collection of posted photos of the > village, is probably not one
      of the buildings in which my ancestors once lived.
      > And, a part of old Vinne is now likely underneath the man-made
      recreation > lake created there in the 1960s, perhaps even old
      numbers 64 and 72. Still, > seeing a present day house numbered 72 in
      a photo gave me quite a jolt.
      > Regards,
      > Eugene Klodzen

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