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What you need to KNOW

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  • johnqadam
    ... available to peruse.
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 28 5:57 AM
      >>> I'll speak with them in advance to see if there are any documents
      available to peruse. <<<

      Let's be clear, the ONLY information you need to establish in order to
      acquire and research the old church records at your local LDS Family
      History Center is >>> the name of the Hungarian (now Slovak) village
      and the religion <<<.

      We are pretty sure that you should be in Szepes/Spis Megye = county.
      You already have a list of possible village names. The other clue is
      that the two named families likely lived within TWO villages distance
      of each other. If you can nail one village, the other will likely fall
      into place.

      Good luck.
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