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Re: [S-R] Question

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  • Paula
    Thanks for the advice, I ll do that. I ve put off calling since I know those people are so busy. This man is my only brick wall and I was so hoping to find
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 21, 2007
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      Thanks for the advice, I'll do that. I've put off calling since I know
      those people are so busy. This man is my only brick wall and I was so
      hoping to find something out about him. I can't find him in record at
      the LDS, nothing. If there weren't photos of him, I'd swear he never
      existed! Everyone I've been in contact with in Lee's Summit has been
      very kind. I'll write a letter on Fri. I have 60 days to appeal.


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      > Paula,
      > I bet that whatever the document, it simply doesn't copy well.
      > I would appeal to their sense of reason and do it quickly before the
      work on
      > your file is forgotten. I'd suggest writing a considerate letter
      > the problem very briefly; give a summary in the very first sentence
      > enclose copies of the copies and their cover letter and claim number.
      > The second paragraph should very briefly explain why this is so
      important to
      > you (appeal to the human element.)
      > In closing, I would thank them for the hard work they do, with the
      > understanding they are under-funded and overworked, but nevertheless
      > work is important and appreciated.
      > In about 10 days from mailing, I would pick up the phone and call,
      just to
      > check that they got it, and to humbly thank them for their
      > and good work. Don't be critical - it will be clear enough from the
      > evidence.
      > Sometimes appealing to a bureaucrat on a personal level, especially by
      > acknowledging their situation is helpful. They must get 100 complaints
      > day, on compliment can go a long way. Even afterwards, a letter of
      > can go a long way.
      > Good Luck,
      > Bill
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      > I can make out a few words; Francis Joseph, Apostolic King of Hungary,
      > Weisskirchen (grandpa was a Banater) and 1884, the year he was born.
      > the pages aren't all black, they're white with black dots where the
      > printing should be. I've tried scanning them and cleaning it up a bit,
      > even put it in sepia tone. Nothing works. I've had to do that with WW1
      > draft registrations from Ancestry and it did help on those. One page
      > that does have some writinig on it is a form of some sort, but the
      > writing has been smeared to where you can't make out what it was
      > supposed to say. I still think I'm going to call them and see if
      > else can make copies for me. I'd even pay them for it! I know
      > relatively little about the man; he died before I was born. he was
      > in Fehertemplom, Hungary and married my gr mother there. I know his
      > birth date and when he died and where he was buried in Cinti. He was
      > the Austro0Hungarian Army. That's about it. I've ordered films in from
      > the LDS and haven't found anything on him. If I didn't have pictures,
      > I'd swear he never existed.
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      > >
      > > On Nov 9, 2007, at 12:05 PM, Paula wrote:
      > >
      > > > The kicker to
      > > > this is, at the bottoms of the papers is stamped 'Best
      > > > Copy" available. Somebody just didn't pay attention to what they
      > were
      > > > doing. Those pages can be lightened up quite a bit.
      > >
      > > Paula, can you see that there is info there and it's just too hard
      > > read with the other "noise" on the paper? If so, try scanning it and
      > > then playing with the image with whatever photo software you have on
      > > your computer. Maybe maybe maybe you might be able to see/read the
      > > info.
      > >
      > > Julie Michutka
      > > jmm@
      > >
      > >
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