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RE: [S-R] Ondeck - Zurinda Family Names

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  • Janet Kozlay
    Dear Tena, I have looked at the family census records from Washington State. John s statement of year of immigration was listed as either 1882 (1910) or 1883
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      Dear Tena,

      I have looked at the family census records from Washington State.

      John's statement of year of immigration was listed as either 1882 (1910) or
      1883 (1900). Mary's was listed as 1888 (1900, 1910) or 1890 (1930). The
      earlier the census, the more likely the year was given correctly, or nearly

      Since you already have their marriage date-December 5, 1887, Mary was off by
      only one year, and December 1887 was pretty close to 1888. That suggests to
      me that John and Mary married very shortly after she immigrated. They may
      even have come from the same place, or at least nearby. The marriage may
      have been arranged by the two families before she emigrated.

      John died between 1910 and 1920, since by the latter census, Mary was a

      The census records are pretty consistent in saying they spoke Slovak.

      What may be more important, is that they all indicate that John was
      naturalized. Since he moved to Washington State, his naturalization may have
      taken place there. There should be a file on him. See
      http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/g-639.pdf. If you are lucky, they may
      contain a place of birth.

      As for his immigration records, it is unfortunate that most early manifests
      do not give the sorts of detailed information that later ones do. I found a
      few possibilities:

      Janos Ondek, 20, immigrated January 27, 1882, from Hungary.

      Janos Onder, 22, immigrated March 27, 1883, from Bohemia to

      Janos Ondiez, 23, immigrated January 15, 1882, from Hungary.

      Janos Ondisch (probably Ondisek), 25, immigrated September 4,
      1884, from

      Zemplen, Hungary.

      Janos Ondreckki (probably Ondreschki), 26, immigrated January
      15, 1883, from Hungary.

      Janos Ondyk, 17, immigrated July 13, 1883, from Hungary.

      There is no way I know of to be certain if one or any of these are your
      John. In any case, none gives any useful information as to his place of
      birth. Par for the course for these relatively early immigrants.

      Nevertheless, I think I have determined with some confidence the general
      area that he immigrated from. His name when he emigrated was most likely
      Ondek, but also possibly Ondecek/Ondecsek. A review of all immigrants with
      those names shows that the majority of them came from villages in old Saros
      county, Hungary. A somewhat fewer number came from villages in Szepes. These
      villages for the most part today lie between the towns of Bardejov and
      Presov. Today's phone directory for Slovakia shows that there are still
      folks with those names living in that area:

      Ondek in Presov

      Vranov nad Toplou


      Lucka (probably the one in that area;
      there are several in Slovakia)


      Ondecek in Bardejov



      Mary is more difficult. There are many ways her name could be spelled or
      mistranscribed, and the possibilities do not group themselves well like
      Ondek and Ondecek. I found only two immigration records that might be

      Maria Zurinda, immigrated in 1900 from "Favadka," which is most likely
      Zavadka. Although you can find it on a current map of Slovakia, LDS states
      that Zavadka and Zatkovce were merged in 1991 to form Geraltov. This is not
      far from Raslavice.

      In 1901, Josef Zurenda immigrated from what was transcribed as Hushuineso.
      This is a nonsense place, but it might actually be Hradiszko, now Hradisko,
      right next to Zavadka. The manifest is not available, so I couldn't check it

      I do not mean to suggest that I have found the birth places for John and
      Mary. However, Greek Catholic records are available on microfilm through LDS
      for Geraltov, Hradisko, Raslavice, and many of the other villages in the
      area. I think it would be worthwhile for you to take a look at those three
      villages in particular on the off chance that you might find them there.
      It's at least better than no chance at all.

      I do wish you well in your difficult search.


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