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  • jallen50
    Andrea: Please let me know what you find out!!! This is interesting! I remember hearing stories that my ggrandmother came to the US with a money belt wrapped
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      Andrea: Please let me know what you find out!!! This is interesting! I
      remember hearing stories that my ggrandmother came to the US with a money
      belt wrapped around her...she had "sold the farm"...and that she and her
      oldest daughter (both followed my grandmother to the US) "never had to
      work." No one in the family even knew my ggrandfather's name until I started
      "researching!" He was never mentioned. I have looked in the area around
      Martin for SVRCINA's through the Slovak phone book, without any luck. I did
      find a number of SVRCINA's in Germany! I also found a few in the US, but not
      many. I've written to one of them. My grandmother was born in 1892.....She
      had had older sister, Maria, and a younger brother...name unknown, who died
      during World War I. Oral family history was that he was a Lutheran minister
      or chaplain during the war.
      Please keep in touch!
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      Well, mine were Lutheran. I just got a microfilm with baptisms from
      Liptovska' Porubka, formerly Kisporuba. It is a tad east of Liptovsky' St.
      Mikula's. I have not been through the whole film yet, which only contains
      baptisms from 1859 to 1895. I am working backwards and got to about 1872 so
      far. My father's grandmother was Rose Rachel Klinka, born Rozka Ra'chel in
      1875. His grandfather was Martin Klinka, born in the same village in 1872.
      These records seem to only contain Lutherans from L. Porubka'. These
      records are in Slovak, surprisingly, and there are lots of chatty notes.

      The Ra'chels were a prominent family in the town, of the rolnik or
      landowning class. There was only one Klinka family, and they were renters
      or sharecroppers (the word is z~eljar). Looks like there was a marriage
      between a Jano Svrc~ina and a Maria Ra'chel by 1872. They were of the
      z~eljar class. They had a child, Zuzanna, in 1873 who died a couple of
      years later.

      I may find more offspring for them back to 1859. I did not notice if there
      were other Svrc~ina families in the village but will keep an eye out. The
      real question is, where are the other records for Liptovska' Porubka? Where
      are the marriage and death records, and where are the records prior to 1859?
      I don't know if they are still in the process of being filmed, because
      western Slovakia is still being completed, or whether the Lutheran records
      are found in Liptovsky' Sve'ty Mikula's, the nearest big town (L. Porubka'
      is sort of a suburb of it so that is possible). Or maybe they are some
      other place. Your Mos~ovce is not exactly in the neighborhood but who

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      > Andrea: I have been looking for family SVRCINA. My grandmother's maiden
      > was SVRCINA. She immigrated here in about 1906 from Mosovce (I suspect it
      > the Mosovce near Sklabina (where the castle is). My great grandfather was
      > Michal SVRCINA...I know nothing about him other than his name. He married
      > Maria KULFAN. I agree, the SVRCINA name has been difficult to track. My
      > family was Lutheran. I've written to people I found in the Slovak phone
      > book, hoping they can help me find the relatives that were left .....
      > my SVRCINA's might be a relation of yours????

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