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RE: [S-R] travel to slovakia

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  • konekta@nm.psg.sk
    Sure, Prague is attractive as well as Kopenhagen. I must repeat, it has nothing to do with Slovak ancestry, it is full of Japanese and others because Czechs
    Message 1 of 63 , Oct 9, 2007
      Sure, Prague is attractive as well as Kopenhagen.
      I must repeat, it has nothing to do with Slovak ancestry, it is full of
      Japanese and others because Czechs are really pushing the tourism industry.
      Golden Prague? Yes, but so what? It's other people.
      And it is one of the most expensive places in Europe, just because of this
      tourism. You feel like a sheep there.
      Of course, it depends whether you are coming as an ordinary tourist or are
      you on ancestral path.
      Hungarian food is waaay better than Czech too.
      For people, who want to share their traveling experience after they come
      back, it may be a bit of a problem. Namely, if you spent most of the time in
      a village or small town of your ancestors, this is a very personal issue and
      may not be interesting to anyone else except your family. But to be able to
      show others, that you have seen a piece of world, other, more famous places
      have to be visited and photographed.
      I see now, how the Slovaks compete, where they have their vacation. Croatia
      or Bulgaria is not good any more. It must be Greece, Malaysia, Paris, Mexico
      and God knows, what else, just to tell the others what they can afford and
      how fine they are.
      But, what's the use of visiting Paris, if you don't eat frog legs or
      I never choose a place for my vacation because of the others, but only for


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      Subject: RE: [S-R] travel to slovakia

      I wouldn't say Prague is unattractive, but I do agree
      that Budapest is much more interesting. And you take
      a train from Budapest to Kosice (about 5-6 hours) or
      Budapest to Bratislava (about 3-4 hours). There may
      be faster trains now, we were there 6 years ago.

      Interesting train (and airfares), it was nearly 50%
      cheaper for us to buy roundtrip tickets rather than
      one tickets. We have traoin tickets for Budapest to
      Kosice, and airplane tickets for Paris to Manchester,
      UK and Kosice to Paris!

      We do like Budapest better than Prague.

      Dr. "Q"

      --- konekta@.... <mailto:konekta%40nm.psg.sk> sk wrote:

      > Almost everybody that comes over here goest to
      > Prague first and I hate it
      > :-)
      > Prague is in no way associated with Slovaks. If
      > somebody wants to see their
      > former capital, then he should see Budapest, which
      > is even more beautiful
      > than Prague, if you ask me.
      > So the Czechs are stealing the show all the time and
      > you will leave your
      > money there instead in Slovakia or whatever country
      > your folks are from.
      > My experience is, that everybody is short of time
      > here because Prague has
      > taken a couple of days. So, If I have such guests
      > here, I have to drive like
      > mad, instead of having enough time to become a bit
      > spiritual if you like.
      > Such a haste is not to my liking.
      > And, back home, it sure it is better to have nice
      > photos from Prague then
      > photos from a small village.
      > Vladimir
      > _____
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      > Subject: Re: [S-R] travel to slovakia
      > possibly going in the Spring. Destination is
      > actually Uzhgorod in Zakarpatya
      > Ukraine, but would love to see Prague while in
      > Europe. Heard it is one of
      > the most beautiful cities in the world!
      > helene cincebeaux <helenezx@yahoo.
      > <mailto:helenezx%40yahoo.com> com> wrote:
      > Sometimes flying into Vienna is the best fare -
      > close
      > to Bratislava
      > fly into Prague and a long trip via train or bus - i
      > did the overnight bus from Prague to Kosice last
      > august and likely wouldn't do it again - wasn't
      > terribly expensive - but long
      > car rental has gotten outrageous - my sister spent
      > $917 for 17 days in June - it did have a/c which
      > turned out to be really needed.
      > Gas is maybe 7 or 8 dollars a gallon (equivalent) as
      > far as we can tell
      > train and bus are lots less - maybe $30 Prague to
      > Kosice - student's bus service is supposed to be the
      > best
      > the pendolino train is sujpposedto be the newest
      > thing
      > and cust a half hour off Prague to Bratislava but
      > right now it is being repaired and only goes once a
      > day
      > Check fares to Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Frankfurt -
      > sky europe has some inexpensive fares if you an
      > match
      > a light to your needs and flies into kosice but from
      > places around europe
      > Sometimes flights to Vienna on Austrian air are
      > direct
      > from washington to vienna
      > This whole situation changes very fast - also check
      > with several consolidators - if you want several i
      > have used e mail me direct.
      > Exactly where are you going in Slovakia?
      > helene
      > --- christopher gajda <christophergajda@
      > <mailto:christophergajda%40yahoo.com> yahoo.com>
      > wrote:
      > > Can anyone suggest the most economical way to get
      > to
      > > Slovakia ( example - maybe fly into Prague??then
      > > drive???)
      > >
      > > thanks for any help - Chris

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    • Ron Matviyak
      Frank, I will agree. I think of them as European Bed & Breakfast (approximately). Often in private homes, each one is unique. Sometimes they seem like very
      Message 63 of 63 , Oct 19, 2007

        I will agree. I think of them as European Bed & Breakfast
        (approximately). Often in private homes, each one is unique.
        Sometimes they seem like very small hotels. I have rarely been
        disappointed and quite often delighted with some unexpected
        hospitality or advice the local people will offer. It was
        particularly delightful right after communism collapsed and the people
        were excited.

        It is nice to hear the word comes from the French. Pensions are quite
        common in Germany and Penzion spelling variation in other central
        European countries. I most often travelwithout reservations.
        Sometimes rooms can be negotiated over the fence at 10PM with no
        common language.


        --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Frank R. Plichta"
        <frank.r.plichta@...> wrote:
        > Dr. Q, et al,
        > Your defition more closely applies to:
        > HOSTEL = A supervised lodging house for young people on bicycle or
        > trips. An Inn.
        > PENSION = Comes from the French for "a boarding house". A boarding
        house is
        > a room with meals included.
        > Frank Plichta
        > Galax, Virginia
        > _____
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        > Subject: [SPAM]Re: [S-R] travel to slovakia
        > It is pronounced:
        > pen see yown
        > During the 1960-early 1980, it was a favorite place
        > for hikers and "college" students. It is a simple
        > collection of bedrooms. Usually a couple of common
        > baths. Meals may be included, but it was generally
        > breakfast.
        > Sort like something from the "King of the Road" song,
        > 8 by 12 four bit room, no phone, no pool, no pets - -
        > -. They a usually very clean, at least the ones in
        > Germany.
        > Dr. "Q"
        > --- Regina Haring <rmharing@att. <mailto:rmharing%40att.net> net> wrote:
        > > I think it's a direct use of the French word
        > > "pension" which means boarding house or board and
        > > lodging.
        > > Isn't it usually pronounced as though it were
        > > French? Not like what you get when you retire <g>
        > > Regina
        > >
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        > > From: J Michutka
        > > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@ <mailto:SLOVAK-ROOTS%40yahoogroups.com>
        > > Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 7:50 PM
        > > Subject: Re: [S-R] travel to slovakia
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > On Oct 18, 2007, at 7:16 PM, maxine wrote:
        > >
        > > > Hi, Why is a "place to stay" called a pension?
        > > thanks maxine sasala
        > >
        > > Dunno; sometimes it's spelled "penzion", can't
        > > remember which is the
        > > Slovak spelling. We don't really call any
        > > overnight accommodations by
        > > that name here in the USA, do we. I don't know
        > > what the exact
        > > definition of a pension is, but in Slovakia they
        > > seem to be basically
        > > small-ish hotels (privately owned instead of a
        > > corporation???),
        > > sometimes with a small restaurant, sometimes just
        > > offering
        > > breakfast. It seemed that we were less likely to
        > > run into English-
        > > speaking staff at a pension (although sometimes we
        > > did), so I was
        > > very glad to have some Slovak language skills.
        > > Size of pension
        > > varied from 8 guest rooms to maybe 20 or so. Such
        > > has been my
        > > experience--hopefully, others will chime in with
        > > theirs.
        > >
        > > Julie Michutka
        > > jmm@pathbridge. <mailto:jmm%40pathbridge.net> net
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