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RE: [S-R] Slovak Cadastre

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  • konekta@nm.psg.sk
    Dear Ron, I surely would not want to speculate, what will be found there, but the plots are there. So, it s a land record, not building record. Ina village or
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 7, 2007
      Dear Ron,
      I surely would not want to speculate, what will be found there, but the
      plots are there. So, it's a land record, not building record.
      Ina village or town, the land is divided into agricultural land ( fields,
      lawns, gardens etc) and construction land ( where some building is on, but
      the building itself is not drawn, however the boundaries of construction
      land often are the same as the boundaries of the building, though)
      Maybe there are also other kinds of maps which would show buildings etc too,
      but they would most probably be in some archive.
      I say maybe, because the situation varies from area to area.
      This kind of work requires several visits to several offices and a couple of
      days if not more.


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      Ok Vlad, No trouble accepting that there is no vital information other
      than the family name in the cadastre records. However, what about
      non-vital information?

      I am a semi-retired engineer who has done my share of surveying and
      public utilities, roads and airports. Taking my one village of Sulin
      as an example, when I go (or hire someone) to the cadastre office, can
      I expect to find a plat or drawing of where the property boundaries
      were and are today? Utilities pretty well didn't exist 100 years
      back, but did they mark roads and local trails? Can I find the old
      county line (Spis and Saris) that separated Maly & Velky Sulin back
      then? Will they (the drawings, sketches or survey plats) locate or
      note the mill, the forester's headquarters, the city hall, school and
      other businesses (bar or general store)? May the drawings be updated
      periodically so I can narrow down when the volunteer fire building was
      erected in Maly Sulin?

      I realize these are specific questions as examples, but I intend them
      to elicit general answers so others may know what to find - if they
      are also interested in the development of the ancestral village. Of
      course, many things that apply in one location do not apply in
      another. But some of us are curious about the history adn the
      non-vital information.

      Thanks in advance. You provide a treasure trove of information for
      those of us outside Slovakia, and this time I want to take advantage
      of your knowledge!


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      > Dear Christine,
      > Ony the name is there, nothing else of vital data.
      > Best,
      > Vladimir
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