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Family line in Czech

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  • srteply
    Hello from a new member and thank you for allowing me to be here.The family I am searching for is my husbands side, Teply and Tepla (female name) I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2007
      Hello from a new member and thank you for allowing me to be here.The
      family I am searching for is my husbands side, Teply and Tepla
      (female name) I am searching for connections to family here in the US
      and the connections in their native Slovakia (Hungary, Monrovia, or

      The following information is what is know through family that knew
      this US line and has verified information with records, letters, and

      1883 Passenger list: 11 June 1883 they arrived at the port of New
      York (not Ellis Island) on the ship "Rhaetia" . Their port of
      departure was Hamburg, Germany. On the ships document it lists the

      Karl (Joseph?) Teply born about 1818. One document said he was born
      in Bohemia and another said Russia. At the time of arrival in the
      US, Karl was 65. The name listed below him is Anna Filipi age 55
      (born about 1828 and her birth place is listed as Hungary, I have
      another document that says Monrovia.

      In kept family records I had the name of Joseph Karl Teply and his
      wife Anna Teply. On top of the document, above Anna was the
      name "Filipi. Mother possible name Anna"
      As above Joseph Karl's name was "Teply, Son of Karl J. Teply"

      According to the 1883 Passenger list, the names listed are

      Karl Teply 65
      Anna Filipi 55
      Several lines below is the name of
      Joseph Teply 30 Bohemia
      Anna 30 Bohemia
      Josef 8 Bohemia
      Josfeka 3 Bohemia 3 Bohemia
      Joseph 9 mnth baby Bohemia (name she used in life was
      Josephine, birth name Sophia Josephine)

      These are the dates as listed from the family records that were
      given to me when I began the search and some verified by tomb stone
      markers/death records here in the US.

      Joseph Karl Teply born: 1852 Bohemia, Czechoslovakia; Died: 1935
      Anna (Filipi) Teply Born: 1853 Monrovia, Bohemia Czech. Died: 1929
      Son Joseph was born 1874 Bohemia, Czech. Died 1945, Oklahoma
      Josefka "Anna" Born 1800 Bohemia, Czech Died 1929, Oklahoma
      Sophia Josephine Born 1882 Bohemia, Czech Died 1934, Oklahoma (my
      husbands great grandmoher)

      3 other children were born to them after they arrived.
      Frank born: Minn, Died: Oklahoma
      John born: Minn, Died: Oklahoma
      Fanny Born: Minn, Died: Kansas

      4 old family letters were given to me that were hidden in a family
      bible (Czech language) The letters were in the native language and
      were translated. The following information is what was taken from
      the letters.

      1nd Letter: Excerpts from the letter signed by Frantiska Tepla:

      "Dear son" (?)
      "missing Tobisek (name of endearment I assume) used to go to
      school….missing little Anna as well"
      "wants to know how dad is….wishing him in all his troubles he has
      more joy then he had with me"
      "if I am alive in spring I will set out to join you, with Daddy
      Rybensky….Vasicka and Josefa Plickalova sending greetings as well.

      2st letter: Excerpts from the letter signed by Frantiska Tepla
      " Dearly loved son" (?)
      " forgiving mistakes about leaving the military….had a nice position"
      "Christian faith"
      "kept thinking if dad stayed in Breziny, he would still be alive"
      "I would write you about grandpa Rybensky but he doesn't visit"
      "I also send greetings to grandma. Also the farmer and his wife send
      nice greetings from Pokorny."

      I am very confused on what role Frantiska actually was since she
      sounds like wife, sister, daughter and or niece.

      Letter from a friend mention Frantisek (former alderman) Teply
      passing away and Filipinek from Krasny had a funeral same day.
      Mentions: getting 15 goldens from the Emperor and the pastor from
      Letce. Signed faithful friend, Josef Kubik, written in Breziny.

      Another letter from a friend mentions the family going to "Svatka to
      buy linen from the jews" and a nice sermon at a funeral from
      Martinek (preacher/pastor?)

      Sorry this is so long, but that is all I have from their native land
      other then a post card from Breziny. I am very interested in
      knowing more about the Military Joseph left from and what was meant
      by "nice position." It's my understanding that the military records
      for that time period are in Prague. Are they accessible to the

      Family talk says that Joseph (1852) spoke of the family owning Pubs
      in their land.

      I've notice in the US that the name Joseph, Frank, Frantiska, Anna,
      John seems to be in 2 out of 3 Teply families. It was very easy to
      confuse another family with this line.

      Thank you in advance and I look forward to possible information thats
      given on this line to help connect them with the ones here in the

      S.R.Teply, Oklahoma
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