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Re: [SPAM] WWI military records Re: question

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  • June McKee
    I am not very up on the battles that were in Hungary during WW1 but I do remember my father telling me that his mothers four brothers had to fight with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2007
      I am not very up on the battles that were in Hungary during WW1 but I do remember my father telling me that his mothers four brothers had to fight with the germans in WW1 and all four of them were killed in one blast. I believe that they came from the Munkacs area but have not confirmed that as of yet and do not know names or anything else. I am just curious that once I do get their names if there would be anyway of getting information on these brothers? I do need to read up on my history!

      thanks so much,

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      Thank you for your email on the records, I wonder why Austrian archives
      would not even answer and tell me where these records are located? I wonder
      if the records for people in the army from Moravia would be in Brno?

      Thank you for relating your family history from WWI that we share, both of
      our ancestors falling in Italy. It is comforting in a way to know of people
      that shared the same faith. My grandfather and uncle were both drafted into
      the army in WWI. They both came from Trebic, Moravia and their surname was
      Dolezal. My uncle who was 21 deserted the army, because he was very
      nationalistic, army chased him, caught up with him in Trebic and after he
      tried to escape from them by jumping from 3rd story window, he got killed.
      His sister, my aunt was beaten by the army investigators so badly, she died
      from the beating. So really, our family lost 3 people related to WWI. My own
      father was interned in the concentration camp in WWII in Buchenwald and came
      back after the war and 6 years that he spent there a changed man.

      I find the subject of genealogy a bit overwhelming at the moment, there is
      so much to learn from having proper information to some of the expressions
      used that I have no idea what the short forms mean. I am sure that if I keep
      at it I will learn, but for now please me apologize for not providing more
      precise information on Hromadka and Lacko surnames in my initial email.

      This is what I have,. I may not be enough:

      Hromadka is my mother-in-law's maiden name. Her father came to Pcoline
      from Ruthenia with his wife (he married local Ruthenian girl) He was a
      teacher. He was born in Prague. His son immigrated to US. So Hromadka
      listing on Elis Island records as someone on this list wrote to me is
      probably him, which would make him my husband's uncle. Is there internet
      access to those records? What should be my next step trying to trace him and
      his family in US?

      Lackos lived in Kosice, but my husband's father was adopted, his birth name
      was Sajdak


      Yes, Pcoline is connected to our family and also a village of Pychne.

      I am very new at this and I don't know what I should expect to find on
      internet and what we need to get locally.

      I am sorry to be so ignorant on the subject and I appreciate all of your
      emails so far and thank you.

      Martha Lacko


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      Austria might be the wrong archives for your WWI military records.

      Most of those records are in Budapest. In order to find your grandfather's
      records however, you will need to know the name/number of the military unit
      in which he served during WWI.

      I was fortunate enough to have a postcard written by my grandfather during
      WWI (1917) which included a photograph of him and several other soldiers.
      The postal marks on the card told me that he had been in a military hospital
      (in Austria) at the time the card was written. I took the card to Vienna
      and they were able to identify the hospital and eventually sent me 8 pages
      of medical records for two separate admissions for my grandfather. Those
      admission records told me his military unit; Infantry Regiment #34. In most
      cases the soldiers from a local area served in the same military unit. My
      grandfather was from Kassabela (now known as Kosicak Bela, Slovakia). The
      Vienna archives also told me that the military records were in Budapest
      because that part of Slovakia was previously a part of Hungary.

      As for Northern Italy. I have two relatives, twin brothers, who were my
      granduncles, they were killed side-by-side with bayonets while they were
      defending and protecting each other in the trenches in northern Italy. This
      was in 1914 in Piave, Northern Italy.

      Frank Plichta

      Galax, Virginia

      "Searching the World for PLICHTAs"


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      I would also like to find out
      more about my grandfather on my mother's side who served in WWI for
      Austro-Hungarian army and was killed and buried in Italy. I have contacted
      Austian archives in Wien, but never receive any reply from them. I don't
      know how to go about starting to search, I don't know where in Italy he

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