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Re: [S-R] Hello all, from a newbie

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  • Andrea Vangor
    I have Capko family but from Liptov Z~upa, in case it turns out to be relevant. Welcome, in any case. ... From: Michael Mojher To:
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      I have Capko family but from Liptov Z~upa, in case it turns out to be relevant. Welcome, in any case.

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      From: Michael Mojher
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      Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 5:12 PM
      Subject: Re: [S-R] Hello all, from a newbie

      Dear Beth,
      Welcome to Slovak-Roots.
      I will address the geography portion of your posting.
      Kracunovce and Kukova are next to one another, 1. 5 km / 1 mile apart.
      They are approximate 28 km / 17 miles NE of Presov. Kracunovce is on Highway 73. Kurkova is on a unnumbered road 1km / .6 miles before Kracunovce and .5 km up that road.
      You have Malelepnik, which has no listing. But it is phonetically the same as Maly Lipnik. Maly Lipnik is in "my neck of the woods".
      To get to it you take a unnumbered road north out of Plavnica on Highway 68. Plavnica is where my paternal grandmother was born. You travel 8 km / 5 miles north. Maly Lipnik is on the Slovakia / Poland border of the Poprad River. The nearest large city is Stara Lubovna, 8 km / 5 miles west of Plavnica.
      I will send you more extensive information on the villages.
      Rim.Kat. is an appreviation for which translates to Roman Catholic.
      Michael Mojher
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      From: nelrae21
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      Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 3:32 PM
      Subject: [S-R] Hello all, from a newbie


      My name is Beth Bressner and I'd like to thank you all for welcoming
      me into your group. That said, down to geneolgy business. I have
      Slovak roots on both sides of my family and also my husband has some
      Slovak in him as well. So I have my work cut out for me. First, I
      am trying to find information on the Capko family. My great
      grandfather was John Capko born March 20,1891 died Mar 20 1970. I
      beleive he was from Kracunovce, County Saris, Hungary. I have his
      original birth certificate that he brought with him to the US, but it
      is not much use to me as it is written in Slovak. Our church here
      has a note in the baptismal records stating he was baptized March 22,
      1891 at Rim.Kat. Church in Kracunovce. I'm not certain what that
      The next family name I'm researching is Micklos. My great-great
      grandfather George Micklos born 1862 came from Hungary/Slovakia.
      His wife also came from Hungary/Slovakia her name was Anna
      Tomascik she was born Aug. 15 1871 or 1872 died Dec 8 1953.
      Now for my father's side:
      My great great grandfather was John Joseph Novotney born Jan 1889 in
      Kukova, Saris County, Czechoslovakia. Died april 14 1967. His
      father's name was Andrej and was born in 1863. His mother was Zuzana
      Danykovic she was also born in 1863.
      John Joseph's wife (my g-g-grandmother) was Anna Marton born in
      1893 in Czechoslovakia. I beleive her father's name was John.
      My other g-g-grandmother was Susan Senko born March 5, 1882 in
      Malelepnik, Slovakia. Her father was Vassil Senko supposedly born
      in Russia. Her mother was Ilka Buchina also born in Russia.
      Lastly, my g-g-grandfather Stephen Kristoff born Sep 2 1882 in
      Prague, Bohemia. He was Susan Senko's husband.
      All of these people ended up in Streator, IL after coming to
      this country. This is where I was born and currently live. A large
      population of Slovak's immigrated here, and my Catholic parish is
      supposed to be the oldest Slovak parish in the US. If I can be of any
      help to anyone looking for family that came to Streator with mine, I
      will gladly do what I can for you. Our church has some old baptismal
      records and there are two old Slovak cemetaries that I am familiar
      with. Thank you in advance to all who help or attempt to help me.


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