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Hronec and Ferencik

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  • Carolyn Ziurys
    Hello David, This is amazing, as I have previously seen your posts about the Hronecs but did not think that there was a connection because you never mentioned
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2007
      Hello David,

      This is amazing, as I have previously seen your posts about the
      Hronecs but did not think that there was a connection because you
      never mentioned Velka Poloma, formerly Nagy Veszveres. I never
      looked for your villages on a map and am now surprised to see how
      close to each other they all are.

      First of all, my maternal grandfather is Jan Hronec (Feb. 19, 1887 -
      Feb. 20, 1956). His parents are Gyorgy Hronecz (Feb. 18, 1856 - May
      2, 1935) and Maria Chochol (Aug. 14, 1860 - May 15, 1925). I know
      that Gyorgy Hronecz' parents are Stefan Hronecz and Maria Chochol
      but have not been able to find their marriage record or birth
      records in the Lutheran records for Velka/Mala Poloma. I should
      point out that there are numerous Maria Chochols in this part of my
      family. Many Maria Chochol Hronecs and many Maria Hronec Chochols. I
      should also point out that although the V/M Poloma records begin in
      1784, they end in 1865 and this has made researching this branch of
      my family very difficult.

      The parents of Maria Chochol Hronec are Andrej Chochol and Zuzanna
      Durisek (Gyurisek). They were married Oct. 14, 1852 but I am still
      looking for the birth and death records.

      I have not found many Hronecs in the Poloma records and that has
      made me wonder. While researching my Mraz and Trilec familes in
      Betliar, I have noticed a Hronec who marries a Trilec and several
      Hronec families---the Betliar records go up until 1945. For example,
      on July 16, 1930 a daughter named Maria is born to Stefan Hronec and
      Maria Bozicova. Another Stefan Hronec and Zuzanna Cizmarova have a
      daughter, also named Maria on Aug, 26 of the same year. Well, I know
      that they are two different Stefans because they have two different
      occupations: nadenuik and robotnik.

      Regarding Ferencik: my paternal great-grandmother is Maria Ferencik.
      I know that she was born on Dec. 3, 1840 in Velka Poloma and married
      Jiri Cirbus on Nov. 4, 1856. I do not know when she died because the
      records end in 1865. Her father, Andreas Ferencik was born Oct. 23,
      1806 in Mala Poloma. Her mother, Maria Suchan was born July 4, 1811
      also in Mala Poloma. They were married on Nov. 26, 1833.

      The parents of Andreas Ferencik are Andrea Loznjk alias Ferencz
      (born 1777) and Maria Polak (born 1777). They were married Feb. 5,

      The parents of Maria Suchan are Georgius Suchan (1767-June 3, 1837)
      and Susana Lozsnjk (1769-Oct. 27, 1843).

      Do you notice any lines that we might have in common? I have done
      very little work on the Hronecs because of the abrupt ending of the
      church records. But even after I requested my great-grandparent's
      death certificates, I was only able to locate the marriage of the
      parents of Maria Chochol Hronec---nothing on the marriage of the
      parents of Gyorgy Hronecz. All of which leads me to wonder whether
      they converted from Lutheran to Catholic or far more likely....moved
      to Velka Poloma from somewhere else!!!

      Any thoughts?? I would love to share what little information I do
      have and am planning to research the Hronecs in Betliar, eventually.
      Strangely enough, there seem to be more Hronecs in Betliar than
      there are in V/M Poloma and they go way back to the beginning of the
      records. On July, 20, 1832 Andreas Hronecz/Tompos is born to Joannes
      Hronecz/Tompos and Maria Spilda. Godmother: Susanna Mrasz---part of
      my Mraz family line.

      It has just been wonderful to meet someone who is researching in the
      same area of Slovakia and who may be related to me!! Have a
      wonderful weekend.

      Kind regards,
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