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Re: [S-R] Kocik-Kochek surname

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  • lkocik@comcast.net
    Ray Hi... I tried to email you direct...will you email me at lkocik@comcast.net. Thank you. Larry ... From: CasperVeth@aol.com Larry (Kocik): I am curious
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      Hi... I tried to email you direct...will you email me at lkocik@....
      Thank you.

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      From: CasperVeth@...
      Larry (Kocik):

      I am curious about the orgins of your name. My great grandmother was Anna
      Kochek (born 1860 in Slovokia - not exactly sure where), but some contributors
      to this website have indicated in the past suggested it may have been
      spelled Kocik or Kocic. She was married to Frank Stephen Hodoroski (also spelled
      as Hodorovsky, Hodorovski and Hodroski ) and they migrated to Cartaret/Perth
      Amboy, NJ in the late 1880s. For a number of years there was a Kochek's
      Pharmacy in Cartaret. It closed a number of years as the town went through some
      radical changes.

      Anna's Kochek's parents names were Valentin Kochek and Antonia Catherine
      Michaelenko. There is no record of her parents coming to America. Another
      name in my Hodoroski lineage is a Mary Yurko (my great-great-grandmother -
      probably born about 1820s).

      Based on the surnames I have mentioned above, is there a way I can pinpoint
      if these names were in the same general geographic area? In my research
      here in New Jersey, there is nothing that indicates where my great-grandparents
      were born. If any other listers have any input, it would be appreciated.

      Ray Veth
      Middletown, NJ

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