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RE: [S-R] A short and interesting success story

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  • konekta@nm.psg.sk
    Dear Helene, What much too many are somehow not getting is that the relatives will be descendants of siblings of the person who emigrated or siblings of his
    Message 1 of 3 , May 21, 2007
      Dear Helene,
      What much too many are somehow not getting is that the relatives will be
      descendants of siblings of the person who emigrated or siblings of his /her
      You've got to have this family structure before you go asking anyone.
      Repeating the name of grandfather makes very little sense, because he left
      and noone remembers him. But, some siblings may have stayed and their
      families are what you are looking for.
      From experience I also can say that the probability that a female sibling
      was left behind is very high, meaning, the surnames will be different.


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      Vladimir - thanks for a fascinating account - bet your
      clients were thrilled - you found the needle in the
      haystack - that was a really good tip to check out all
      the siblings -I really enjoyed reading about it all
      and how wonderful to find living family!


      --- konekta@.... <mailto:konekta%40nm.psg.sk> sk wrote:

      > Last week I had a client from US here. They came in
      > a size of a half of a
      > platoon, 4 persons:-)
      > What we knew positively was, that the GGmother was
      > born in a village near
      > Trnava.
      > I previously researched the whole family in the
      > archive, found the births of
      > all siblings ( around 1880), marriage of parents and
      > a lot more, but did not
      > find the birth of this Maria. We knew whom she
      > married while still here and
      > that she had a baby in 1902, presumably born in the
      > same village.
      > So what we did;
      > - first we went to the Mayor's office - not the same
      > village as the village
      > of birth( did not need any authorization, because a
      > family member was with
      > me) and found the birth of this baby all right.
      > - second, we found the marriage of Maria with our
      > Fabian, also in 1902. The
      > hungarian marriage records told us the date when
      > Maria was born and the
      > names of her parents. To my big surprise, the date
      > was correct and the names
      > of the parents were also correct, only this Maria
      > was in her birth record
      > noted as Anna. Mistery solved. The whole family tree
      > which I already had was
      > now connected to our Maria and everything was fine.
      > - someone said:" I am hungry. Let's go something to
      > eat" . No, I was already
      > in an irreversible search mode.The day was young,
      > weather fine, so I said,
      > let's go now to the home village and have a look at
      > the cemetery. Remember,
      > I had the names and births of all of the siblings of
      > Maria around 1880.
      > - we scanned the cemetery and wrote down all graves
      > - names we found with
      > that particular surname.
      > - then I compared the names and dates found with the
      > siblings and
      > immediately found one that fit. It was Jozef. he was
      > born in 1876 and we
      > were lucky, that this was still written of the
      > stone.
      > - I went to the Mayor's office in that home village
      > and asked, who is paying
      > for this grave and got the name and address.
      > - we went to that address and rang the bell. Noone
      > opened the gate.
      > - I asked a woman passing by about this woman I
      > wanted to talk to and she
      > said she probably did not hear the bell, but she has
      > several daughters, one
      > living here, one living there, just around the
      > corner.
      > - we went to one of them and I rang the bell. She
      > came out and said " I am
      > not buying anything.":-)
      > - after I explained who I am and what is my mission
      > she accepted and allowed
      > us all to enter ( my half of the platoon was waiting
      > in the car).
      > - in couple of minutes the situation was clear and
      > the lady remembered that
      > a sister of her grandfather was in the States. Then
      > the events were
      > overtaking my capacity to percept. We were there for
      > about two hours, took
      > very many pictures inside and out and got a huge
      > number of name additions to
      > our family tree. Perfect relatives found!
      > Hadn't I had the names of all the siblings with
      > their dates, a connection
      > would have not been found. And, of course, the
      > surname of the lady was
      > already " twice removed", because she was married
      > and it was her mother, who
      > was a daughter of our Jozef, brother of Maria.
      > Meaning, we ended up with a
      > surname we would have never been looking for.
      > Whoever is planning a visit for the first time and
      > speculating to find
      > relatives, read, understand the logic and remember
      > the above.
      > If you want to get plugged to someone, you need to
      > have the right socket.
      > Vladimir
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