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  • Richard D. Custer
    ... JoAnn, You are looking for the large village of Jakubany, former Szepes County. It s inhabited by Rusyns and in Rusyn it s called Jakubjany (the last y
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      >Also, I received my grandmother birth certificate, but I think it is
      >in Slovak. I can make out when she was born and baptised and her
      >parents names. ( Peter and Anna Farga Coma or Choma ) I do know that
      >she was born on Feb. 15, 1891 in Akubjany, Czecho-Slovakia.


      You are looking for the large village of Jakubany, former Szepes County.
      It's inhabited by Rusyns and in Rusyn it's called Jakubjany (the last "y"
      sounds rather like an "a" instead of "ee" as in the Slovak name).

      I think that your document should actually read "Varga", not Farga. Varga
      is one of the typical surnames in Jakubjany. Choma (the ch is as "kh", not
      'ch' in 'church') is another.

      >My grandfather was born at Kodnickyana, Cz-Slovakia on August, 1890.
      > ( Bondura ). His parents came to the U.S. with him.

      Is it possible he was also from Jakubjany, and his name is actually Bondra?
      Bondra is another typical Jakubjany surname; in fact, the father of
      Washington Capitals hockey star Peter Bondra was born in Jakubjany.

      The Hungarian name of Jakubjany was Szepesjakabfalva.

      Anyway, Jakubjany is in northeast Slovakia just south of the town of Stara
      Lubovna. Jakubjany is inhabited almost entirely by Rusyns [not Slovaks!],
      one of the main ethno-national minorities in Slovakia. Many people from
      Jakubjany settled in Cleveland, & Elizabeth & Philipsburg, NJ although their
      largest settlements were in Pennsylvania (e.g., Erie, Aliquippa, McKeesport,
      many others). The religion of these people is either Byzantine/Greek
      Catholic or Eastern Orthodox.

      Since your ancestry is at least part Rusyn, be sure to read the information
      on www.carpatho-rusyn.org and consider joining the Carpatho-Rusyn Society at
      www.carpatho-rusyn.org/crs since we have many many members with roots in
      Jakubjany with whom you'll be able to make great contacts. We also have at
      least one member who was born there.

      Records from Jakubjany are available from the LDS Family History centers;
      the film number and information is here:

      and the Greek Catholic parish in Jakubjany has a web site:

      Good luck!

      Rich Custer
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