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Re: [S-R] Ancestry.com Favor, Please ... Anyone?

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  • Andrea Vangor
    STEPHEN ANDRUZAK, THE MAN, THE MYTH! Added by patricecrammer on 4 Oct 2006 The following is taken from information on a personal web site I created 1996-1997.
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      Added by patricecrammer on 4 Oct 2006
      The following is taken from information on a personal web site I created 1996-1997.

      This site is dedicated to my grandfather, Stephen Andruzak. He was an amazing man who lead the life only he could lead. Born May 31, 1911 to Theodorus and Maria in Stebnik Austria he immigrated to the United States of America when he was just a boy. He tells an interesting and graphic story of the day he arrived in this country. What he remembers of his adventure is how badly everyone smelled from being crowded together on the ship. He said, " We all smelled so bad that when we got off the boat "they" had us line up and as we passed by "they" pulled out our shirts by the collar and sprinkled some powder down the front of us. Then "they" patted us on our chests and sent us on our way." I also remember him commenting how upset he was that they changed his name from Stephanus Andrusiw to Stephen Andruzak. That was the beginning of my poppy's life in America.
      And now......I present to you.......Stephen Andruzak, my grandfather the immigrant, the artist, the comedian, the engineer, the businessman, the showman, and the great show off of all time!!!!
      Andruzaks Antiques was my grandfathers shop. He was a self made man who later in his life was an artist in the restoration and creating of Stained Glass. You must visit this site to view his vast collection and find out for yourself just how unique this man was. He made his shop famous by using his individual artistic instinct to turn a Carousel into his showplace. Before his passion with antiques and stained glass there was his passion with the spotlight. The Entertainer in him helped him to create Stefan's sound. He met many famous people through his work and he loved every minute of it. Steve, as many called him was an extremely Unique individual ....always looking for something different...a gimmick. He found them and plenty......a 150 year old gypsy wagon..... a miniature circus valued at $22,000....and a mobile billboard just to name a few. He will be missed. I love you poppy!!

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      From: Caye Caswick
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      Subject: [S-R] Ancestry.com Favor, Please ... Anyone?

      Fellow Researchers:

      I need a favor of someone with an Ancestry
      account/membership, please ...

      If you search Ancestry for this (under Public Member


      It's a historical account of a man from a village I'm
      researching for a friend -- I'd like the text of it
      (in any form, doesn't matter, Word, Notepad, PDF,
      don't need to manipulate/edit it). If you can help
      and e-mail it to me privately at ccaswick@...
      and include your contact information, I'll make it
      worth your while. Thanks.


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