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Re: [S-R] Re: Dual Surnames - What do they imply/mean?

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  • david1law@aol.com
    Hello: In regard to your inquiry regarding DOLINA, it is the village between VITAZ and KLUKNAVA near BRANISKO MOUNTAIN on the border of SARIS and SPIS
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 14, 2007

      In regard to your inquiry regarding DOLINA, it is the village between VITAZ
      and KLUKNAVA near BRANISKO MOUNTAIN on the border of SARIS and SPIS counties.
      The villages of VITAZ (NAGY VITEZ) and OVCIE (KIS VITEZ), where my great,
      great grandfather JOANNES BALOGA (also spelled BALOG and BALOGH among other
      variants in spelling) and his father (my great, great, great grandfather
      MATHIAS BALOGA were respectively born, are very close to SEDLICE and SUCHA DOLINA
      just over the hill from KLENOV and the village of HRABKOV. You are correct
      that DOLINA means "valley" in Slovak.

      In regard to the surnames that you mentioned, there may be some connections
      that our families share. I've been working on a cluster genealogy of the
      BALOGA (BALOG, BALOGH) clan in the SARIS HIGHLANDS (villages of SIROKE, VITAZ,
      OVCIE, HRABKOV) and the PALKO/PALKUV surname appears several times as a
      marriage witness, possibly indicating a family connection. On November 13, 1861,
      an ANDREAS PALKUV was a witness to the marriage between an ANNA BALOGA and
      ANDREAS JENTSA (JENCA). An ANDREA PALKO also served as a witness to the marriage
      between a MARIA BALUCHA and a MATHIAS KOCSIK on January 1, 1864.

      The DOROV surname that you mentioned is also intriguing. The DZUROV surname
      (as well as DZURIK and DZURIKOVA) does appear in the records of my extended
      BALOGA (BALOG, BALOGH) family. In fact, the godfather of my grandfather
      ANDREAS BALOG (BALOGA), who was born in HRISOVCE (HRISSOC), the son of NICHOLAUS
      BALOG (BALOGA) and JOANNA JURASKO, was a MATHIAS DZUROV. His godmother was a
      MARIA BIROS. MATHIAS DZUROV was also the godfather of four of my
      grandfather's siblings. I'm not sure of the exact connection with MATHIAS DZUROV but
      there evidently appears to be a strong connection with my grandfather's

      As far as I can recall, I haven't seen the MATISKO surname but it appears to
      be Ruthenian/Rusyn in origin because of the diminutive -KO suffix and appears
      to mean essentially "son of MATIS (MATHIAS) or "Little MATIS (MATHIAS)."

      I have also been researching the history of the various villages in the
      area, and I've come across several items in the ARCANUM (Hungarian "Archives")
      database regarding the village of SEDLICE as well as the adjacent village of
      MIKLOSOVCE. In 1391, King Sigismund made a donation of land to GALLUS SZECHY
      (ZEECH in Latin, sometimes also spelled ZECH) to the villages of SEDLICE,
      MIKLOSOVCE and SOPOTNICHA (now part of SEDLICE) at one time belonged to GALLUS
      SZECHY (ZEECH in Latin). GALLUS SZECHY was the Count of ZALA county (western
      side of Lake Balaton in Hungary) and appears to have been a knight in the
      famous ORDINIS DRACONIS ("Order of the Dragon"), from which the legendary Dracula
      ("son of Dracul") gets his name. In 1393, there is a reference to SEDLICZE
      (SEDLICE) and "Magister Gallus de Zech, aulae nostrae miles" (translated
      "Master Gallus of Sec, our palace knight"). Zech (Sec) most likely refers to SE
      COVCE (formerly known as GALSECS) near ZEMPLEN county, a village with which
      Gallus Szechy is associated. There is also a reference in 1418 document to two
      of his sons and the Order of the Dragon: "Georgio et Jaabo, filiis Galli,
      olim Comiitis Zoliensis de Zech" (George and Jacob, sons of Gallus, for a time
      the Count of Zala from Sec (Zech)."

      In regard to SEBES, SEBES appears in the names of several villages on the
      east of PRESOV -- FELSO SEBES (now known as VYSNA SEBASTOVA) and ALSO SEBES
      (now known as NIZNA SEBASTOVA).

      Please feel free to write me directly at _David1Law@..._
      (mailto:David1Law@...) (the "1" is a "one"). I would love to hear more and see if there
      is any connection. If anything, we may be able to help each other out, as I
      am trying to go farther back in the records, and it is possible that my
      BALOG clan came from the villages south of OVCIE and HRABKOV, as I've seen a
      BALOGA in the SIROKE parish record (SIROKE, VITAZ, OVCIE, DOLINA) who came from
      the village of DRIENOV (SZOMOS) which is located south and east of SEDLICE.
      So it quite possible that our respective ancestors may have at least crossed
      paths. I'm particular curious if your DOROV surname is the same as the
      DZUROV surname associated with my family. The surnames below are in my direct
      lineage, but there are a number of other surnames not listed that are part of my
      extended family. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,


      Researching the village of ROZNAVA in GEMER County // the villages of
      SPISSKE VLACHY, STARY SMOKOVEC, SLATVINA, in SPIS County // the villages of
      DOLINA, OVCIE, SIROKE, AND VITAZ in SARIS County the following surnames: BALOGA
      TAKACS, TOMASOV, and variant spellings thereof. Also KUBIT, MOSKAL, ZAJDEL,

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