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Re: [S-R] Slovak millionaires

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  • gregory majercik
    Dear Ms. Powers.... I would love to be able to translate for you....I m sorry that I ve taking a long time to reply....I lost my computer and it s still not
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      Dear Ms. Powers....

      I would love to be able to translate for you....I'm sorry that I've taking a long time to reply....I lost my computer and it's still not repaired...I work with someone out of state and someone else was to bring the computer to him.....Here's my address until I can get this matter worked out


      Let me know if your still interested.

      Gregory P. Majercik

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      I have received letters and cards that are all wirtten in Slovak. The only person in NE Indiana who could translate them for me has passed away. Would anyone be interested in helping me translate them. There are about 4 cards and 2 notes. They come from Sambron, Slovakia.


      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. comCC: gregorypmajercik@ coastalnet. comFrom: gmajercik@yahoo. comDate: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 18:55:20 -0800Subject: Re: [S-R] Slovak millionaires

      Hello, Searching for Slovak millionaires in the United States, interesting. My family is Slovak. The name is "Majercik" and my Uncle made a fortune here as a engineer. By American standards, he was affluent, but he worked he invested and he managed to have a piece of real estate worth quite a bit from it's location. Here is my address, Gmajercik@alumni. rutgers.edu. A person of our descent in the US rarely does well, and I know this to be true from my own experience as a slovak. My father served in the US Marines, owned his house in New Jersey, and worked for a large corporation, Sears, most of his life. I had him in my life until I was 15, but he died an unnatural death at age 55. I've worked all my life and have very little. It was through my family later in life that I was able to obtain a few things, but I'm not doing well now. I've taken a interest in my ancestry and it's given me alot of insight into myself. My hope early in life was to become an attorney,but I left
      that after I invested my savings into a law degree and failed several courses. This was as a 2nd generation slovak and the degree was taken at a ABA approved law school in Chicago which had a reputation of accepting children of immigrant parents. It is The John Marshall Law School.That was my attempt at becoming "moneyed" by having a profession. Afterwards, some unfortunate things happenned to me. A time in jail for passing checks which were not written to me, and once that ended, I went to work, constantly, at a transportation company. 60 hours a week. I moved to a southern state, and it's like I just came here from a different country. Southerners are backward and treat newcomers like dirt. My first job here, I earned $120 a week and this was in 1995, cleaning for a "Christain" couple who ran a business out of their house. I did all the work and the husband just handled the payments to him and his wife. Now, I'm divorced with one son and my wife remarried here in 2000
      and with our son, she just collects money too, child support. This is a Slovak's tale in the USA and it's all true. I just want to work like I did before coming here and forget about all the pain. Someday, the pain will simply end. Gregory MajercikGmajercik@ alumni.rutgers. edu.----- Original Message ----From: Vladimir Bohinc <konekta@.... sk>To: World Slovak <Slovak-World@ yahoogroups. com>Cc: SLOVAK-ROOTS@ yahoogroups. comSent: Sunday, December 24, 2006 4:25:42 AMSubject: [S-R] Slovak millionairesThis morning at the breakfast conference with my wife a strage thought came to my mind;Can it be, that today we have more slovak millionaires in Slovakia ( in absolute numbers), than there are in US ( after 100 years of being there)?I am inclined to believe that.I am almost convinced.Does anyone know a wealthy millionaire of Slovak descent in US?Vladimir[ Non-text portions of this message have been removed]____ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ Now
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