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Re: [S-R] Slovak English Translation Software

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  • Michael Mojher
    Rosie and Philip, I concur with Philip. I tried a couple of programs, including the Easy Translator Deluxe, to translate English into Slovak. My Slovak cousin
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 8, 2007
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      Rosie and Philip,
      I concur with Philip. I tried a couple of programs, including the Easy Translator Deluxe, to translate English into Slovak. My Slovak cousin had a one word response, "Bad!"
      I wanted to communicate so desperately I attempted to write in the simplest of sentences. That didn't help.
      My cousin took English lessons. His responses to my e-mails improved. But they revealed how complex language is. He writes me in what I refer to as "Thesaurus English". The words he chooses are as if he used a thesaurus. You understand what he is trying to communicate, but the words are not correct for the context.
      Many of the English-Slovak dictionaries are of European origin. What they use is the "Queen's English". This is apparent when the cousin writes and the words are British English.
      When a translation program has to deal with such variations, virtual dialects, of English, be it Thesaurus, the Queen's or American, it is not surprising that what comes out is bad Slovak. Slovak as a spoken language has 46 dialects. They may not be as prevalent as a hundred years ago. But they do have a tendency to add colloquialisms that would give a translation program fits.
      I am fortunate. My niece's translator when we traveled to Slovakia married her brother. So I now have a niece-in-law who is from Slovakia and was an English major there. Lydia was a "British English" major, she had to get use to our accents. Now with three years in California she speaks American English. She has done translations for S-R members.
      Michael Mojher
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      I am sure you will get many responses to your question about translation software. My point, right up front, is that software translations have very limited utility. Yes, it would be wonderful if we could plug-in one language and get a good translation in another language. This just is not possible. I use a software from Transparent Language called Easy Translator 4 Deluxe. I use it for German, Portuguese, French, Italian, etc. Even for German, it cannot give me good quality translations. Such software cannot produce output that can be sent out as a letter, for example. The translations need to be cleaned up and made grammatically correct. Making translations from the non-English languages into English end up with some really bizarre things! We English speaking folks can quickly recognize the errors and incorrect grammar, so we fix them. Just think of translations going the other way - someone in the native language has to edit the translations otherwise the translation into another language, e.g., Slovak, will really be stupid. Even with the inaccuracies, a quick translation of a language into English can be helpful, just to get a rough idea of the topic and a few particulars. Maybe someone has a very good direct translation software that can generate letters, etc., but I doubt it.

      Good luck

      Philip Baer

      In a message dated 03/08/07 02:18:18 W. Europe Standard Time, rosie@... writes:
      Hi! What Slovak English English Slovak translation software do you
      use? A fellow in our Czech/Slovak Interest Group in Bellevue WA
      is looking for this software.

      Rosie in WA STATE

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