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Re: George Tkach

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  • johnqadam
    ... came over to USA in 1909-1910.
    Message 1 of 32 , Feb 27, 2007
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      >>> George Tkach 1882-1967, Mary/Maria Durto Tkach died 1921. They
      came over to USA in 1909-1910. <<<

      I use the Morse front end, Gold Form, for researching Ellis Island
      entries. http://www.stevemorse.org/

      You can use just a few letters for the name or village and check off
      several language choices, eg: Hungarian, Slovak, Ruthenian. Be aware
      that transcription errors abound and so you should always look at the
      manifest, which often has two pages.

      I found Maria but not Gyorgy on Ellis Island.

      Maria Tkacs, age 25, b 1885, arrived Mar 03, 1910. Going to husband
      Gyorgy Tkac in Ohio. Father's name appears to be Janos Gyurta but is
      hard to be certain of spelling.

      Suffice to say that we are on the right path.
    • johnqadam
      ... site. I truly appreciate your help. Deb
      Message 32 of 32 , Jun 11, 2007
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        >>> Please help me to find this I can not seem to locate this on the
        site. I truly appreciate your help. Deb <<<

        Tkacs, Maria Szacsur 25 1885 1910
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