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  • Jody Gonda
    Here are a couple more addresses that I would appreciate help with - would like to contact these cousins but not sure of they still reside at these addresses
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2007
      Here are a couple more addresses that I would appreciate help with - would like to contact these cousins but not sure of they still reside at these addresses and then again I have the language barrier to overcome!

      Vendelin and Rozalia Kuvuljak. Obrancormiern 2/519. Dolny Kubin 1060/25. Czechoslovakia (address dates from 1970). Vendelin was mayor of Dolny Kubin at that time. My husband's Aunt and cousin visited them often.

      Viktor and Apolonia Tokar, Nizna, Nad Oravou. Okres Dolny Kubin, Slovakia 468/6.
      They have a daughter also named Apolonia but called "Polka". I think the daughter was a school teacher.

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      Thank you! This information gives me hope that I may find my relatives yet. I have 2 pages of addresses, taken from my husband's Aunt's address book. One couple that is listed, my husband's relatives did visit often - I think they are cousins. Unfortunately for me, I have been told that they do not speak English; Apolonia and Viktor Pisut. I have been told "they are friendly folks with lots of contacts and good memories--but they know no English (Viktor knows "Row, Row Your Boat"--we sang it many times one evening with great gusto)". I would like to try writing them once again, but am afraid the language is a barrier - I don't speak Hungarian and they don't speak English! How can I get past this so my letter will be answered? It's been about 20 years, so I am not sure they are even at this same address. Here is the address: (not sure of spelling)

      Stefan Pisut aj Vlad
      Zabiedovo 25
      02701 P.Trstena
      Okres, Dolny Kubin, Czechoslovakia

      Michael Mojher <mgmojher@...> wrote:
      Welcome to the group.
      I did some quick searches and have this for you on Kriva. In the Region of Zilina, District of Dolny Kubin. Telephone Area Code. 43. It is on highway E77 / 59 57km / 34 miles NE of Martin. The nearest large town is Dolny Kubin 19 km / 11miles SW of Kriva on E77 / 59. The population Kriva in 2005 was 794. In 2001 Kriva was 99.23% Roman Catholic, it had 202 houses of which 168 were permanently occupied. The online telephone directory lists 16 Gonda names. None in Kriva, but 6 in Dolyny Kubin.
      Michael Mojher
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      Subject: [S-R] Gonda Family

      Hello! I am new to this group, so please excuse me if I don't put this
      in the proper format. :o)
      I am researching many Slovak names, but in this note I thought I would
      ask about the Gonda family, as I have hit my "brick" wall, maybe
      someone could help me.

      Josef Gonda
      b: 15 Apr 1878 - Kriva, Hungary
      however, on his declaration of intention his birthdate is 15 Apr 1877
      Per Ship Records he came to the US 15 Mar 1900, aboard the USS Albano
      (USS Alabama). Ship came to NYC and from there I find him in NJ for a
      short time. He eventually went to Cleveland, Ohio - although I don't
      know when exactly.
      m: Veronika Pisut in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio on 27 Jan 1902.
      Declaration of Intention was in Ciuahoga Co., Ohio 14 July 1909.
      Census: 1900,1910, and 1920 have him in Cleveland, Ohio.
      d: 21 May 1963 - Cleveland, Ohio

      Now, his daughters would correspond and visit with relatives in Kriva.
      I don't have anything to prove this, but Josef (Joseph)parents were
      George and Rozalia (Bastic) Gonda. There were 3 children; Joseph, Anna
      (married a Joseph Schablatura and they have 1 son, Peter), and a John
      Gonda. Unfortunately, all the Gonda's in our family have since passed
      on, that would know anything about Joseph Gonda. John Gonda supposedly
      came to the US once and then went back to Hungary. I do have addresses
      of relatives there, but don't know how to contact them - I sent a
      letter, but never heard back - which is really too bad because I know
      they know the family history!

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