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Re: FW: [Slovak-World] transcribing records

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  • gkocis
    I hadn t thought about yyyy/mm/dd format for incomplete dates. That is a good idea - I have had to set up a cumbersome protacal for dealing with incomplete
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 27 7:45 PM
      I hadn't thought about yyyy/mm/dd format for incomplete dates. That
      is a good idea - I have had to set up a cumbersome protacal for
      dealing with incomplete dates.

      Thanks for the tip.

      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, <frank.r.plichta@...> wrote:
      > Julie,
      > 1. I would recommend that you consider using MS-Access for your
      > instead of MS-Excel. Excel is a spreadsheet intended for math
      > All your effort will be limited in how you will ultimately be able
      to use
      > the data. By using MA-Access you will have greater flexibility and
      > ultimately be able to use the data in a greater variety of ways in
      > future.
      > 2. When recording dates, I would recommend using the yyyy.mm.dd as
      a text
      > format rather than the traditional dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy in date
      > You will still be able to sort by date but you will also be able to
      > dates that are incomplete. For example you may know the year and
      month but
      > not the day so you can enter 2007.01.00 instead of 01/00/2007
      which will
      > not be accepted as a date in either Excel or Access. The entire
      effort here
      > is to allow you to enter a date if only one or two of the elements
      > known.
      > 3. I would include an extra data field for "current location
      name". The
      > location name you find in the records may be an old name by which
      > location was previously known many years ago when the event was
      > That old location name will not be found on modern maps. The extra
      > data field will allow you to list both the old location as listed
      in the
      > actual record as well as the modern day name. Some of those new
      names you
      > will find right away whereas others may require additional research.
      > Depending on what you find as regards the spelling of surnames and
      > names you might also choose to include an extra data element for the
      > "corrected" data. Always record data that is perceived as wrong
      when you
      > first see it. It might be a clue to something else in the future
      after you
      > learn that it was not wrong but really was "new" data.
      > 4. I would create a data field for every piece of data contained
      in the
      > records. Even if it is something that you do not think you will
      ever need.
      > You might not need it today but 6 months down the road as you get
      more into
      > the details you will wish you had included everything. You may
      also find
      > that over time some data elements may be omitted in newer records
      while new
      > data elements may be added.
      > 5. Always include a data field for "notes". Frequently you will
      > notations in the margin or that have been added to the record which
      are not
      > usually recorded for all records. For example, I have frequently
      > notations for the date of death in the baptismal records. If you
      find the
      > same kind of data on several records you might choose to include
      that as
      > another data field. If not and the notes are of a variety of types
      > information then a single "notes" field will serve you well.
      > Some of this may seem like extra work now but I can tell you from
      > that you will wish you had taken the little extra time now for the
      > it will yield in the future. It will also eliminate the need to go
      > thru the records again to find the data element that you omitted
      the first
      > time thru.
      > Good Luck,
      > Frank
      > Frank R. Plichta
      > Galax, Virginia
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